April Brown – Writer

The first thing you should know about me: I do not believe in being ordinary! Therefore, it only makes sense that I could not post an ordinary biography. I thought the best way to get to know April, was to “spell out” my life:

Artsy. I am a crafty lady! I l enjoy creating, concocting and constructing anything.  I love to crochet, paint, embroider, scrapbook, draw and color. Not only do I love to make art, I also love to view it! My goal is to visit at least one art museum on every continent…well, Antarctica might be a little tough.

Praising. My day, from dawn till dusk, is spent praising Jesus. I love to sing and listen to worship music. Some of my favorite memories in life have been made praising the Lord with my four year old daughter. My heart is touched when I see her sing to Jesus!

Reading. I love to create the written word, but I also find my motivation in reading it. Books have always been a special part of my life, especially the Bible. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and insight on what the Lord has given me through my reading.

Involved. I come from a loud, noisy Italian family. It is only natural that I desire to be involved in the welfare of others! In all actuality, I find pleasure in helping and serving others, and it brings me joy to serve in all types of ministries.

Love. Above all, I believe in love. I believe in the beautiful, merciful, healing, abounding, unrestricted, enveloping and unconditional love of Jesus. His love is what has rescued me from the darkest and deepest moments of my life, and His love what draws me to His presence every day.