Resurface: Chasing Furies

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Resurface: Chasing Furies

By Gabby Mehler

Though brightly colored chokers, orange soda, and Justin Timberlake’s frosted tips may not have resurfaced, nineties music has withstood the test of time. You may have noticed that Nirvana still appears on t-shirts, and Blink-182’s concert tickets and new album are being sold at a phenomenal rate. And it’s no wonder why the grunge, alternative-rock style that characterized the nineties has continued to be enjoyed by all ages, especially young adults. This unique style of music has been widely adapted over the decades, including by Christian bands like the Newsboys and DC Talk. But do any of us remember Chasing Furies? Led by siblings Sarah MacIntosh and Joshua Meeker on lead vocals and guitar, and their sister Rachel Meeker as the pianist and background vocalist, Chasing Furies had captured the sound of the nineties while on their journey to spread good music and a good message. But although their intentions were pure, their eccentric, grunge style was frowned upon by some Christian groups at the time.

Prior to the band’s inception, the three were heavily influenced by their father, who served as a worship leader. The trio learned the goodness and truth of who Jesus was early on, in addition to the pressures of serving in ministry at a young age. At one point in their walk, the eldest siblings, Sarah and Joshua, strayed away from the Lord on account of negative experiences they had growing up. This launched them into a rebellion that lasted a majority of their teen years. But with time and prayer, both Sarah and Joshua were drawn back to the Lord after realizing His purpose for their lives.

Chasing Furies’ first and final album, ‘With Abandon’ was released in 1999 and was popularized by their hit song, ‘Thicker.’ The entire album sends forth a message of encouragement to the Christian community. It is both commendable and profound that this band has successfully shared the Gospel with those that have found themselves in a time of tribulation and confusion, just as Sarah and Joshua had; it is for this reason that Chasing Furies is a group worth going back and listening to.

Although their debut album received good reviews and began developing a fanbase, the three members disbanded shortly after as each went their separate ways, pursuing God’s will for their lives. The lead vocalist, Sarah MacIntosh began touring as a background singer for Michael W. Smith and has made multiple appearances in recorded albums with various artists, as well as albums of her own. So, if you’re in search of an underground, ‘emo-ish’ rock band that takes you back, I would highly suggest tuning to ‘With Abandon’ by Chasing Furies.