Film Review: ‘Mully’

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Film Review: ‘Mully’

By Kyle Jane Heskett

How far will you go to answer God’s calling on your life? Would you risk your family, money, possessions, and reputation for it? What would you answer? In the documentary Mully, one man answered those questions during a time of sure struggle and sacrifice. Mully, directed by Scott Haze, is inspiring, encouraging, and speaks directly to believers about answering God’s calling. It doesn’t sugarcoat the struggles that come with obedience to the Lord, but gives an accurate portrayal of God’s faithfulness, provision, and power when we say yes.

The film depicts the life of Dr. Charles Mully, a man who came from nothing and gained everything. He became the founder of Mully Children’s Family, a non-profit that advocates for the rights of disadvantaged children. Abandoned by his family in Kenya, as a child he was forced to beg for food on the streets for ten years. The Lord spoke to him on one Sunday at church, planting the seed that by faith that anything is possible. Fast forwarding to the future, Mully has a beautiful wife, eight children, and is considered a millionaire. Having businesses in transportation, real estate, and a monopoly in oil, the audience can already see the amazing work God has done in his life. Dr. Mully had it all, but God called him to give it all up.

In response to the Lord’s prompting, Dr. Mully never worked for money again. He walked the slums of Kenya and became a father to any child in need of a home. Dr. Mully says, “I have never doubted that I chose to do the right thing simply because I knew whom I believed and that He was able to accomplish what He started…” The film soon begins to show the number of struggles that Dr. Mully faced in his obedience to God. He states, “Many questions were being spread across the country as to whether my mind was normal. My family, wife and children were worried about their future, and, at first, could not understand why I started to share my wealth with the poor children who could not pay me back. There was a lot of confusion, mistrust, and lack of respect from all corners.” Mully’s family, reputation, and sanity were on the line. Yet, his wife stood by him even through it all. Life was stressful, and the children Dr. Mully took home were struggling to follow rules and live in harmony.

Eventually the Mully family and their many children, which was reaching in the hundreds, move to an empty land that Dr. Mully owned that was meant to be saved for retirement. Food and water was runs out and the climax in the movie comes when Dr. Mully feels that God is calling him to dig for water on the property. Tension rises as the film depicts days passing with no results of water. Then God shows up in a big way when Dr. Mully hits a rock that sprouts forth water, uncovering a well under the land. Providing water for him and his family, today, Dr. Mully’s ministry provides clean water for his property and to the whole region through a water purification plant he created. Here is a true story of God’s provision depicted in this film. Suddenly, all the struggle and discouragement seemed worth it.

As of today, Mully Children’s Family has rescued over 13,000 children. They provide medical care, education, and various programs to rehabilitate children back into society. Dr. Mully reminds us all that no matter the struggles we face, we can see and do great things through God. Dr. Mully shapes shares, “I would like to encourage people, especially Christians who live in the Western World, to trust in the Lord with all their heart and not to lean on their own understanding…Each and every one of us needs to know that we are God’s creation, we are His people and should be ready to move from our comfort zone to wherever He sends us.”

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