How-To: Friendsgiving

(Photo by Savannah Lawrence)

How-To: Friendsgiving

By Savannah Lawrence

The smell of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie permeate the air on Thanksgiving Day. Every household does Thanksgiving a little differently than others and many have certain traditions. For many, it is a long process! I have helped my grandmother tackle the long hours of preparation to execute a savory and memorable Thanksgiving meal. It is full of hard work, but it is exciting to prepare and serve others on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day filled with loved ones, food, and thankfulness. Can you take the values of Thanksgiving and make it your own with your friends? The answer is yes, and there’s even a name for it.

Friendsgiving is an epic twist on the classic Thanksgiving holiday. You are surrounded by your friends, good food, and good conversation. Clearly there are similarities between Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving, but what are the differences?

Where do you go for Friendsgiving? Typically, like Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving is at a house or at another location that is easily accessible. A fun destination could even add an extra twist to the occasion! What do you wear? Dressing for Friendsgiving is usually casual, depending on the host’s wishes, which creates a comfortable atmosphere for you and your friends. Flannels, ankle booties, and sweaters are some of the fun items to wear for a Friendsgiving gathering.

What food is served at a Friendsgiving? I believe a potluck is the easiest and best way to get everyone involved when preparing for a Friendsgiving meal. The food does not have to follow the traditional mashed potatoes and stuffing route; you can bring anything your heart desires! You can split the items of food/drinks amongst your friends to take the load away from the host of the gathering. Collaborating with your friends will help the Friendsgiving be delicious and unforgettable.

What about entertainment? Having music playing in the background while the meal is taking place is a great way to make your meal feel like a true holiday. Playing games at your Friendsgiving gathering adds excitement to the event. Card games, charades, or fun games you find online will spice up your night! Another fun way to get the group involved is by creating your own photo booth. You can easily set up a backdrop with decorations you find in the dollar bin at Target. Adding banners and garland can make a dull wall festive. Also, cutting out fun Thanksgiving items for props can personalize each photo!

When the night is coming to an end, I recommend watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”  with your friends to wrap of the festivities and a successful Friendsgivng.

Every Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving are different. Planning a Friendsgiving with your friends is fun and a great way to treat yourself! Knowing and reminding yourself that the night does not have to be expensive or crazy will help you plan an excellent Friendsgiving. Who knows, you might end up with some traditions for next year.