(Graphic by Hannah Jacob)


By Hannah Jacob

I love to hear testimonies. It could be anything from a Christian testimony, to someone defending themselves on Judge Judy. As a Christian, I don’t always get the opportunity to share my faith with someone. I wish I could say that I’m as dedicated to sharing the gospel like people of other religions do, but I know I don’t.

For weeks I’ve been hearing at church about how we need to be sharing the gospel with people. At home, I switch on the TV and can literally see how people need hope.

During those times, I’ve asked myself: “How can I share with the world on how hope exists? Is there a way to share with them? If I had two minutes to tell the world about how Jesus changed my life, would I do it?”

In the fast paced culture that we all live in, everyone is swiping, snapping, messaging, and tagging. All it takes is a two minute video telling about how a life is changed by Jesus. People look at all kinds of tutorials and videos. More than likely, they will look at a short video of someone telling their story on how God changed their life. People may dispute the Bible and its contents, but the one thing they can’t disprove is a life changed by Jesus.

In the next few weeks, I’m hoping to post various two minute stories on my Instagram sharing how Jesus has changed my life. I may not reach the world…but I’m willing to simply reach one friend.

I’m asking you, as you are reading this, are you willing to testify your faith in two minutes to your friends and family? Are you willing to post it on your own social media platform? Be someone TWO.TESTIFY: Two minutes serving as proof of the existence of Jesus.

Guidelines on how TWO.TESTIFY:

  1. Start off with your name:

    “My name is ___________ and I’m going Two.Testify to you on how I am proof of how Jesus exists.”

    I strongly encourage you to not use “Christian Terms.” Talk as if you’re speaking to someone on the street that might not know what “repent, worship, redemption, etc.” means in a Christian sense.

  2. Keep it under two minutes!

    Share just one portion of your life. [e.g., How you prayed for a miracle, you stopped taking drugs, became a better wife, stopped looking at pornography]. If you want, you can write an outline to keep yourself on track. Most people nowadays have the attention span of a few seconds (thanks to social media, no doubt). Keep it short and sweet.

  3. Post it using the hashtag #twotestify!

    You did it! You shared! If two minutes wasn’t enough for you, post another separate video telling about how another part of your life was changed by Jesus. There’s no limit here! Who knows, maybe there’s someone who follows you that might be going through the same thing!