5 Reflection Workouts With REFIT®️Revolution

(Photo courtesy of REFIT®️)

5 Reflection Workouts With REFIT®️ Revolution

By Sarah Komisky

In the previous issue you met Catherine Ballas and heard all about the heart of REFIT®️ Revolution. Now, its time to get your get fitness on as REFIT®️ and Marked Ministry team up monthly! This time around, we are bringing four of our favorite workouts that represent what it means to reflect. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the workout. Enjoy the reflection. Enjoy REFIT®️!

* July workout selection led by Emily Field and Angela Beeler

For all things REFIT®️, visit refitrev.com for info on their Waco studio, where you can find a class near you, on demand content, their YouTube channel, and so much more! AND, tune into our “Health Section” monthly to check out REFIT®️ YouTube videos and exclusive MM content as we partner with this awesome fitness program!