Retro REFIT®️: 10 Video Throwbacks

(Photo and videos courtesy of REFIT®️ Revolution.)

Retro REFIT®️: 10 Video Throwbacks

Dance always marked decades of the past. We at Marked Ministry felt the best way to honor that is to throwback dance songs from the past with dance of the present with REFIT®️ Revolution. Let’s countdown 10 of our favorites!

1. “Step By Step” by Midnight Red (NKOTB)

Nothings says ‘80s more than New Kids on the Block! There might be a few challenging moves in here, but remember, it’s about participation not perfection! Take things step by step and why not bust the Roger Rabbit? It’s your moment. Try it with the Refit gang!

2. “Shackles” by Mary Mary.

Throwing back this Gospel song by Mary Mary that will inspire you to get your praise on with an old favorite from the early 2000s!

3. “I Want To Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston.

This pop star anthem is perfect for a group workout. Work up a sweat and enjoy the nostalgia with your friends.

4. “Baby” by Justin Bieber

Want to tone up? Strengthen those knees? Wait no further with this easy tutorial from REFIT®️ Revolution that is great addition to your daily workout regimen with a throwback pop tune from baby Bieb!

5. “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls

Relive the ‘90s with Catherine and friends. Turn up with the spice with this cardio chirography perfect for for any beginner. Jump in, sing along, and enjoy this cardio fitness chirography.

6. “Catchafire”by TobyMac

Back in 2004, TobyMac released his second full-length studio album (Welcome to Diverse City) with this funky tune. Catchafire for God and try this Christian Reggaeton/Hip Hop tutorial with Angela and friends.

7. “Boogie Shoes” by The Glee Cast

Disco is alive and well with this “Boogie Shoes” tutorial. Enjoy this blast from the past as a group and even get some line dancing going on as well!

8. Ice Ice Baby (Remix) by Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice. Enough said. This tutorial is a must to try. And, it’s on the list because it also calls out all you Refit Dudes to give it a try too! We believe in you!

9. “Ready Set Go” by Royal Tailor

Before Tauren Wells went solo he was an an equally awesome band called Royal Tailor. Get pumped with this high intensity workout that for anyone up for a challenge.

10. “Bye Bye Bye” – N Sync

The early 2000’s were not complete without boy bands and N Sync was one of the best. Come on, you know you want to do that throwback chirography! So get your cardio going and you might want to repeat it one more time! After all, who wants to say bye to this one.

Wasn’t that fun? Incorporate these songs into your monthly fitness exercise routine and you’ll enjoy the health benefits with added retro flavor.

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