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One year ago we started this online magazine with the vision to inspire young women (in body and heart!)
to embrace the higher calling God has for them (a life of purity) based on of 1 Thessalonians 4:7. It has been an amazing experience and journey. We are astounded and humbled by how God has been using this online magazine to impact so many lives around the world!

So far we have been sustained by the generous gifts and donations from close friends and family as needs arose, but God’s vision for us is expanding. Faster than we expected!

With this campaign we are raising funds to cover the following:

-Costs for marketing and promotional events
-Web hosting fee for
-Travel Expenses for interviews
-Non-Profit status filing costs

Thank you so much for whatever amount you are able to give. We so appreciate your generous heart and pray that you are blessed by the articles published in the monthly issues of Marked Ministry Online Magazine.

We especially value your support in prayer. Please leave a prayer message here in the comments! We thank you for your support – it is so appreciated!

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