Sarah Komisky

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Sarah Komisky – Founder/Editor in Chief

Simply put, I’m a girl that is in love with Jesus. Every day He takes my breathe away and inspires me to be a better person because of Him. He is my consuming passion, Best Friend, Husband, Father, Savior, Peace, Joy, and Delight. I am a product of His amazing grace as a girl who went from religion to relationship. My vision and calling is to proclaim the grace of God through the written word. My desire is to be a living epistle to a world that is hurting. My prayer is see others set free and to share the beauty of what a life of purity looks like in Him.

My journey with writing began at age five typing stories on an old school computer in Kindergarten. This love grew when I was given my first journal at seven and flourished when Santa brought me a “Talk Girl” voice recorder at age eight. But I began writing professionally ten years ago as a staff reporter for a college newspaper and then for Image Magazine which then followed with other opportunities like Unleashed Beauty and a sports publication called BennettRank as well as being published in a literary journal called Synedoche.

I am currently a freelance writer and teacher with a passion for both journalism and creative writing. Besides writing, I also enjoy classic films, impromptu dance parties, vintage clothing, vinyl, frozen yogurt, baking pies, reading, and having good conversation with loved ones. I consider myself an introvert, dreamer, trail blazer, and deep thinker who finds beauty and joy in helping others, having a good laugh, and appreciating the simple things in life.