Spiritual Birthdays: Make Your Day Special!

Spiritual Birthdays: Make Your Day Special!

By Selma Komisky

This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.                                           

  Psalm 118:24 (NKJV)

One day out of each year we celebrate the day we were born. So why not celebrate the greatest day when we accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior? As believers this day has special meaning for us. It is the day that we were made new. So even if you don’t remember a particular day, its okay, still celebrate! Celebrate the time you made a decision for Christ and may you have a very Happy Spiritual Birthday! –  Enjoy!

Here are some fun ideas to make your day special:

A Walk and A Story

Take a nice walk and share your testimony with someone (your testimony is your story how you first began your relationship with Jesus). You can take a walk along the beach or a favorite scenic park, etc.

DVD Night

Pick out your favorite movies with friends and have a movie night with popcorn,              treats, pizza, etc.      

Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) Party

Invite some friends and go grab some frozen yogurt. Create your own yogurt sundae and splurge with all the different toppings.

Serve and Pay it Forward

Help feed the homeless, visit the elderly, pay for someone’s drink behind you in the drive- thru, baby-sit for a friend, wash someone’s car, or offer to do a neighbors yard work Decide to be a blessing to someone.

Let it Go

No, not the Frozen movie but something that’s even more awesome. Buy a helium balloon, pray, and thank the Lord and let it go floating into the sky. Pick a special place to release your balloon – you choose, be creative! Write a message with a sharpie on your balloon to praise Jesus.


Make an Ebenezer Jar to reflect all God has done. Ebenezer means “stone of help.’’ Samuel used stone markers to commemorate the victories of God (Joshua 4; 1 Samuel 7:12-13). Get a nice glass jar and decorate it – be creative. Get colored sticky notes and write things you’re thankful for in your walk with the Lord.

Something Sweet

Bake a cake or some cookies. Have fun having a baking day and decorating your dessert then share it with loved ones.

Smile and Frame It

Take a photo in commemoration of your day. Have friends or family with you and have a mini photo shoot. Also you can have a bunch of fun props set aside to make your pics extra special (i.e. sunglasses, colorful feather boas, balloons, tiaras, hats, etc. Buy a nice frame and display it in your home or take a photo of your cardboard testimony to remember all Christ has done and frame it.


Have a small group come over and do devotion together. Maybe share on your favorite bible verse and explain what it means to you personally. Print out your verse on cute little bookmarkers and give them out to each person.

Dine Out

Go have a nice dinner or lunch at your favorite restaurant with your family. It could be something inexpensive or fancy but something that you enjoy! Take time to share over your meal what God has done in you.

Breakfast Bash

Get up early and round up your friends to meet up at your favorite breakfast place (or your home) for a breakfast with pancakes and waffles. Share with your guests what your spiritual birthday means to you.

Church and Café

Invite someone to church or mid-week study that doesn’t yet have a personal relationship with Christ and afterwards go for some coffee or tea at your favorite café. You never know – you might be celebrating a double birthday!