Review: “Be Beautiful”

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Review: “Be Beautiful”
A Look At The Fashion show at Calvary Chapel Montebello

By Zelda Dominguez

In High School I wanted to become a fashion merchandiser (I even applied to The fashion Institute known as FIDIM).The thought of traveling, too perhaps be able to attend a fashion show, and being part of the fashion industry was exciting. You can understand why I was totally thrilled to be asked to attend this event and write the review.

I found it interesting and very cool that a church would have a fashion show. I had heard of others they’ve had but have never attended so I was curious to see how they were going to do it? I learned that the Senior Pastors wife, Millie Juarez herself had a love for fashion but even more a heart for women of all ages. She desired to use fashion to address key issues. This year addressing modesty and God’s perspective on inner beauty. I also found out that she desired to reach women and girls that didn’t go to church. Fashion would be the appeal and the show would be the attraction for women to come hear God’s message. She knew in order to do that it had to have aspects and standards while also being “real,” and relatable.

On the day of the event, it rained, which was unusual for Summer. But the show went on in spite of the rain. When I arrived the cozy couches in the lounge area that was set up outside were empty and the women quickly moved indoors to the educational building. The room was lined with tall brightly colored paper flowers that gave the feeling of a bright sunny day, contrasting to the weather outside. Excitement was in the air. Waiters dressed in black came out to serve various food choices (an aspect I really loved was their accommodation to those who were vegetarian or gluten free).

You could see women start to line up at the main sanctuary door early, wanting to get a front seat, as the seating was first come first serve. Doors opened and the women entered with anticipation.  It felt like I was walking into somewhere else, not a church. The church sanctuary was transformed into something out of Fashion Week. Color was amazing!  The back drop of the stage was bright orange, yellow, purple and green chiffon curtains. Down the center aisle was a full length runway with seating on both sides facing towards it. Both sides of the stage on the whole wall was projected “ Be Beautiful.” The stage was framed with an elaborate flowers.

“D. J. Rev”, a Christian named Oscar Jovel was laying beats and recognizable dance music without words. The atmosphere was bumping with the music, the vibe was up, and lighting was awesome to help set the mood. I was excited to be there! It felt like I was at a real fashion show! Angela Ortiz worked registration and said there were 475 women in attendance. And you could hear them all cheering and applauding.

The 10 models were of different ages, body types, and ethnicities who all attend CC Montebello. Cristal Flores who helped serve with requisitions for the show, told me this fashion show was her favorite because she felt the models represented the women in the body of Christ saying, “I look at those women and I know those women, I can relate to them. One home schools, the other is in the prison ministry, etc. That’s why they  are a good representation of CCM .”

Also, the four categories of clothes modeled were Bright Colors, Black and White, Denim, and model’s choice (wearing one of their own personal outfits that they felt beautiful in).The models strutted down the catwalk in their outfits with confidence, like professionals. The message: you can be trendy yet tasteful at a affordable cost. Kudos to the stylist! Hair and makeup was also classy, and complimentary. All this was done by the hair and makeup team who did a fantastic job!

The next portion was a planned skit but the audience had no idea and I thought for a moment the segment was real! It was a skit about a TV show “Modista Makeover Takeover” One of the hosts commented on this saying, “What do you get when you put modest and fashionista = Modista!” One by one a contestant came out who was submitted for a makeover. It was both humorous and truthful and the skit allowed them to get the message across, “no fashion distractions.” Laura O. Ebert who’s in the photography ministry quotes, “This segment stood out the most to me  because of the realness of it. When the girl said, ‘If you got it flaunt it,’ that’s how some women think. We need to be real so we can all get it. ” As the girls came out made over the audience cheered! They got the message.

Millie Juarez shared a simple but poignant message. She mentioned her own struggle growing up not feeling beautiful. Even in recent years battling cancer, losing her hair, lashes, and weight gain she shared her insecurities. She says, “80 % of women are not satisfied with their appearance. Beauty goes deeper than outward appearance. We must see ourselves in the eyes of God. What is beautiful will never be on the cover of Vogue. Whatever we do, do it for the glory of God.” She ended it by praying, “Help us to redefine what beautiful is, show us, teach us, in Jesus’ Name.” Amen!

After the show three boutiques were available. Inner Beauty was selling all the clothes and accessories that models wore for an inexpensive price. What a great way to break even with their expenses and to make the clothes affordable for the women. Additionally,
any money made over will be used to give a thank you dinner to all who were involved with the fashion show. The organic boutique was selling organic body creams and facial masks by Alexandria Juarez. They smelled heavenly! Lastly, a “Be  Beautiful” signature necklace was made just for the event and sold along with other costume jewelry. Those
quickly all sold out.

Overall, it was a great day. I could tell women felt that too. They stuck around taking pictures, praying and talking. The Son shined brightly there, and as I left, it was still raining but I remembered what was said in closing of the show, “We must change to be women that show the world what truly is Beautiful in God’s view.”

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