Women of Purity: Beth Moore

Women of Purity: Beth Moore

By Selma Komisky

Beth Moore is an evangelist, Christian author, a dedicated wife, mom, writer of many books and Bible studies for women, and a lover of Jesus. She’s a southern gal residing in Houston, Texas with a contagious charismatic personality. Also, she is funny and greets everyone with her warm smile, yet she is also a dynamic speaker and down to earth passionate teacher of the Word of God.

Wanda Elizabeth Green (A.K.A Beth Moore) was born on June 16, 1957, on an army base in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her father, a retired army major, raised Beth’s family in Arkadelphia, Arkansas where they managed a local cinema. Moore was one of four siblings and suffered from sexual abuse as a child, but later God transformed her story by making all things new. At 18, Moore sensed God calling her to work for Him. She graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a political science degree and Howard Payne University, obtaining an honorary doctorate in humanities. It was at Southwest Texas State University that Moore met her husband Keith and married him in 1978. Celebrating 37 years together, they have two adult daughters, Amanda and Melissa, and enjoy the privilege of being grandparents.

Moore has been the president and founder of Living Proof Ministries since 1994 where the purpose is to teach women about God’s love for them and encourage them to have a closer relationship with Him. Moore counts serving women of all denominations as one of her greatest privilege in life.

Communicating with great energy, humor, and compassion, she ignites the women’s faith with her in-depth bible studies and exposition of scripture so that everyone gets a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Furthermore, Moore has taught internationally in Kenya, England, Singapore, India, and every state in the U.S, while making regular appearances on Life Today, where she hosts “Wednesdays with Beth.”

If you have never attended a Beth Moore Living Proof Live conference you are missing out on a true blessing. They have inspiring worship by Travis Cottrell, a wonderful worship leader/musician who prepares you for the hearing Gods Word. Moore opens with prayer on her knees and proceeds teaching the powerful Word of God. Moore’s Bible studies always point to Jesus and it’s His word that enriches women’s lives and rescues, delivers, and gives women hope. Moore reaches vast amounts of women and one can sense her compassion for women (especially those that are hurting in all walks of life). She says that she herself knows because she was hurting and a mess from experiencing addiction, insecurity, trauma, abuse, at an early age. Ending with prayer and an invitation of salvation, she has women available for prayer, hugs, and a listening ear all over the arena.

Overall, her life passion is to encourage people to come to know and love Jesus Christ through the study of His Word stating, “I want you to know a love that is better than life. Because I have.”

Check out Beth Moore at http://www.lifeway.com for resources including Bible teachings, workbook’s, daily devotions, books, and more as well as Living Proof Ministries at: http://www.lproof.org