Living the God-Inspired Dream

Living the God-Inspired Dream
Why Musician Dan Bremnes Has No Regrets

By Sarah Komisky

It wasn’t long ago when a musician from a small town known as Salmon Arm in British Colombia first had a God-inspired dream to sing Christian music when there was yet to be an established scene. Determined to have no regrets, Bremnes went from place to place to share his music until his career was catapulted when a video for his song, “Beautiful,” went viral and opened more doors than ever before. Residing in Nashville with his family and releasing his first record entitled Where the Light Is, Bremnes reflects back on God’s goodness as he encourages others to live our their dream.

The dream first began in Bremnes’ toddler years when he first saw people play music on stage, but an even bigger dream occurred when he was 18 years-old. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Bremnes didn’t surrender his life to Christ until later on, stating, “It had to be real for me and I knew that I needed to give everything. I wasn’t ready for a long time. I just wish I would have done it earlier!”

After receiving Christ, Bremnes packed up and went on a mission’s trip to Australia that provided the growth and direction he needed to become the artist God was molding him into. After a leader asked him to lead worship, he began to gain perspective saying, “God started to open my eyes to see what He could do through a song. These songs were pulling people closer to God. That’s when I really focused in on what I wanted to do with music. I wanted to see change through music.”

After wresting with the idea of pursuing a music career as a Christian artist, Bremnes decided to take a leap of faith noting, “There were probably naysayers and terrible odds, however, I felt like this was the one thing I had to do and it came down to bowing down to my fears and other people’s thoughts, or bowing down to God and what I felt He was calling me to.”

This leap was also prompted by an incident that changed his life forever – the tragic loss of his mom in a car accident. It was this tragedy that caused him to evaluate his life, sharing, “At the time I was earning a good paycheck, but wasn’t doing what I was really meant to do. I remembered the words of my Mom, she always encouraged us as her children to do exactly what we felt God was calling us to do. It’s those words and that constant encouragement she gave that really pushed me out to go for it.”

Having a slow start, Bremnes worked hard to get noticed, and while not earning any money from it, he remembers that time as one filled with fulfillment, joy, and excitement more than any other. Following that season, Bremnes recorded a video for the song “Beautiful” in Canada that launched full time ministry.

Now a new artist with a new album, Bremnes is heading out on tour with Tenth Avenue North and Josh Wilson this Fall/Winter and shares his story to others to inspire others to dream, saying, “If you have a dream you may be the only person who knows or believes it, but if you feel called to do something in this life, you need to do it. Stop asking questions, and don’t compare yourself to others. Just be who you are and do what you do with excellence and never give up!”

Likewise, when commenting on “living the dream,” Bremnes also encourages others to live the dream God has purposed in their hearts. He shares, “I think that for each of us there is a dream God puts in our hearts. It’s easy to do what other people think we should do, or maybe what we ‘think’ we should do. For me, the dream is taking the gifts God has given you and using them to the fullest. I believe it gives us great joy and also puts a big smile on God’s face. He made us for a purpose, and when we live that purpose, it’s explosive!”

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