A Note From The Editor

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

A Note From The Editor: September 18th, 2015

By Sarah Komisky

One of the things I love about the Marked Ministry team is the different perspectives I receive as I collaborate with my friends. Everyone has a different style when it comes to writing, photography, or laying out new ideas. Each one brings a different life experience, perspective, creativity, gifting, and story, and I love it! We are a mixture of ladies in our teens to 60’s. Some of us are mommies, while others are single. Some work 9-5 jobs, while others take an unconventional path as writers or musicians. Some go to my church, while others do not. Some like fashion, while others like health. Some are free spirits, while others are more structured. Yet, we all come together for one purpose: Jesus Christ. It’s the differences that make this “body of Christ” special. We appreciate each others differences and agree that variety is truly the spice of life! But maybe what I love even more about this team is that God can use these ladies to speak to me and show me His perspective.

Sometimes we need a new perspective. It can be lost, misguided, or completely off in left field! Let me retract that statement and say we don’t need it sometimes, we need it OFTEN! Our perspectives can be lost, misguided, marred by people in our past, or simply off in another direction. Our own views are also so limited and often times so wrong. Skewed with selfishness, insecurities, depression, jealously, anger, anxiety, and pride, our perspectives gets a little jaded. Add in the wrong perspectives we glean on a daily basis from the world, other misguided people, and the enemy of our souls that seeks to give the wrong one, and we can get off track real fast. Our minds need new vision. Clarity. A new way to look at things and sometimes we need it just to be inspired or see some beauty we would have missed if we stuck to our own narrow thoughts.

We need to be reminded of truth. To be refreshed. To be encouraged. To change perspectives altogether when we developed wrong ones. To ultimately align our perspective with God’s – a better perspective than our own. This often comes from His word, prayer, and fellow followers of Christ that God speaks through to us. This issue is all about that. Featuring stories where new perspectives were discovered and developed. Get ready to get realigned – to see from a new angle. I can guarantee you might like things better from that view.