(Photo by Lydia Salas)


By Andrea Yim

Every so often, I stop what I am doing to watch this crazy world – the people in it and all that it surrounds. The one thing I notice is the very small fact that everyone looks “busy.” Too busy to look up and smile, too busy to say hello, too busy looking down at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other media source out there. I notice how children are pulling on their mommies, needing to ask a question or just get their mom’s attention, while mommy is too busy texting someone or thinking about what she has to do next. People are busy. TOO BUSY. Do you remember the story of Jesus in the wilderness? Well, the story goes that Jesus “got away.” He got away for what was a much-needed time of prayer and quiet time with His Father in heaven. He got away so that He could know what it was that His Father desired of Him, while He was on this earth. He got away even though there were many people needing Him and His attention.

Sometimes we need to be quiet. We need to go somewhere that is quiet. I like to call it “recharge.” The problem is, there is NO time to recharge because we are so busy. Listen, there is always going to be that next thing that has to get done or that urgent responsibility that will need attending to immediately. BUT listen, IF you are not recharging yourself, you’ll get lost in the very thing that everyone else is lost in. There are so many good ways to find rest, or time to gather and think. When the prophet Elijah was running from the evil King that sought his life, he went and hid in a cave. There he was able to pray and think and sleep. I know it may sound weird, but you might need to run sometimes into a cave. God wants to give you FRESH vision and fresh insight, but without time spent with Jesus, whether it be in reading or in praying, your body, mind, and emotions get burned out and those simple tasks become GIANT walls that seem impossible to jump over.

You will have moments lost of making a friend, or maybe even helping someone in their time of need, and all because we are self focused and busy. We can miss out on so many blessings like enjoying a wonderful conversation with a friend, or a small card game with your kid, or maybe just choosing to listen to your friend in their time of need. All these things in life remind us that media and things that were taking up all of our time are actually taking away from the moments now. We are being robbed from memorable and beautiful moments.

So how do we train ourselves or force ourselves to recharge? I thought of a couple of things, but it’s not rocket science. You just choose. You prioritize urgent things to less urgent, then manage that time better so that you have the time and energy to wake up earlier, or choose to put your phone away while having a conversation. How about just choosing to stop, no matter where you are, to slow down to listen to what your child, or friend, or husband, or anyone has to say. In reality, we are not as busy as we seem. It’s just the day gets the best of us because of our lack of time managing skills and bad habits we have developed over time. God has so many blessings before us. Don’t you wonder how many things we’ve missed out on just by not paying attention because of being so busy?

The most important thing is that if God isn’t filling you with more of Him, it will be difficult for you to do all that you have to do. Is it possible? Sure, but is it worth it to run on an almost empty tank all the time? NO thank you! Today and everyday, take one second at a time. Take time to recharge and to understand that there is a much-needed break inside you somewhere, and that there are people around you that you could be a blessing to and visa versa.