Michelle Ochen – Writer

My skin may be white in color but my heart has darkened to the color of Africa. God has given me a calling and deep love for the East African culture. I left a job at Starbucks to follow a life-long desire to be a missionary. God enabled me to join Potter’s Field Ministries and has been faithful when each step and led me to run beside a man running into Gods calling of missionary service. My husband Joshua is tall, dark…very dark J and handsome, nothing I ever expected, but everything the Lord knew I needed.

God wrote a love letter thousands of years ago and reading His letter changed my life. I wrote to share of His story. I write with the gifting He has given me with the desire to make Him further known. Writing isn’t my only love: singing is my passion. I play guitar and snap photos of life in Africa as a hobby and a way to give the rest of the world a peek into the daily sights of poverty I see. My favorite quote in life is: “Be kinder than necessary every chance you have, for everyone you meet is fighting some battle,” – Unknown.