The Beauty of Falling

(Photo by Jess Sanchez)

The Beauty of Falling

By Michelle Ochen

Look out the window, do you see the beauty as leaves waltz through the air? There is design in their fall. Our human mind naturally compares falling to a negative act; yet within nature’s design, we see that beauty comes out of the falling of leaves. It is through this season of fall, that the tree permits the entering of winter’s death leading to spring time’s new growth.

Leaves gracefully falling are a sight of tranquility, but within the leaf – turmoil, fear, and uncertainty as they approach the ground. The moment the tree releases that leaf, it has no expected end of where it will land; yet it lets go of the branch, and entrusts itself to the wind to take it where it may; and it is in this very act that fall is achieved, winter is welcomed, and spring time’s fruit can begin to form. The assorted color change, the falling, the letting go – accomplishing something far greater than can be seen in the present season.

This may seem like a strange thought to ponder…leaves falling? Even so, in such a ponder I see divine spiritual truths being gathered. You and I have been grafted into the tree of God’s salvation (Romans 11:17). Also, Christ is the vine and we are the branches (John 15). If we are branches within God’s tree, then we too must recognize our need to respond to the different seasons of life God brings. Seasons of spring time delight when the new buds are forming on your branches, where good fruit is perceived around, and the tune of blessing is hummed in your soul. Likewise, there are seasons of bitter cold, the chill of winter as strong as death, all the good seems buried under snow, and you wonder how long until the sun will shine again. There are times of enjoying the sunlight, of finding many things to do and enjoying the hours you bask in those summer days. Moreover, there is a season of letting go, of releasing things we hold dear in order to allow something new to be found within. Fall is the season where we learn to let go and let God accomplish His work in us.

If the branch clings to it’s leaves, unwilling to let go, that branch will wither, as new life cannot form where fall and winter cannot abide. Many Christians seek to live a life with hands used for God’s service; however, their hands are already full with the cares of this life. Is it possible to work well when your hands are preoccupied? Sometimes you have to purposefully allow some things to “fall” out of your hands to be prepared to take up what the Lord is holding out. Fall’s releasing brings forth blessing. Equally true in our Christian walk, at the point we let go of things we hold dear, things we fear, or things we overly depend upon, the beauty and fragrance of the Lord becomes surpassingly dear. This is why Paul was able to say the more the leaves in his life fell, it was no loss compared to the greatness of the knowledge of God (Philippians 3:7-9).The willingness to enter into winter’s barrenness, brings forth the excellence of the aroma of spring’s new fruit.

Is there something in your life at present that you feel the Lord is asking you to let go of? As you watch the leaves fall, do you feel that you also must allow whatever it may be, to fall off your branch? Perhaps there is fear in the letting go, but empty hands are never forsaken in the Lord’s Kingdom. Empty handed people are used people. Empty handed people are vessels to be filled. Empty handed people are available for the Lord’s work. He looks for those whose hands are ready to work, hands that are offered up in worship, that eternal blessings can fall within and be given out to accomplish much.

Do you want to have hands of service, but fear letting go of what you are holding today? Let it go, let the leaf fall, that the Creator may create His desires within you, it shall soon spring forth, shall you not know it? (Isaiah 43:18-19). Full hands are too distracted for the delicate work of the Kingdom. Check your schedule this fall season and see if there be anything extra tying up your hands and keeping you from carrying on the work you are called to do for the eternal. Be comforted in knowing that no leaf ever falls alone, but as they fall, the multitude of surrenders bring a beautiful sight and color to those looking on. Be willing to let go and let God use you to the fullest in this season of life.