Greater Is He

Greater Is He

The story of a Mother and Daughter’s Choice to Courageously Cling to God

By Sarah Komisky

Two years into transitioning into a new solo career from being apart of hip-hop group, Group 1 Crew front girl Blanca is venturing out into new territory in ministry and in life. When her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, Blanca knew what she had to write on her album – anthems for her best friend and inspiration behind her self-titled debut. Here are her thoughts on life, caretaking, hope, and God in it all.

Coming from a divorced home where her father wrestled with drugs and alcohol, Blanca witnessed a miracle when her dad accepted Christ. He then turned his life around reuniting with his family and becoming the man she always wanted him to be. Then the devastating news hit, Blanca’s dad had cancer and after her dad’s passing a year later, Blanca was hit with another tragedy – her mom’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Sharing on that time Blanca states, “It was one of the toughest seasons that I’ve had to walk through in my life especially after dealing with everything that happened with my dad and feeling like here we are again in this same place. I hate the word cancer and I don’t ever want to hear it again and now I am having to face it again with my best friend, which is my mom.”

As a caretaker, one of the hardest things for Blanca would be sitting in to hear the results of her mom’s tests and seeing her mom who she calls, “The strongest women she knows,” in a place of weakness and fear. Going back to write and work on her upcoming album, she would take that experience with her. Feeling overwhelmed emotionally herself, wanting to fix things, and out of control, Blanca prayed, “All I know what to do is to trust You, to sing, and to pray that You’re going to take care of it.”

It was at this place that God answered. At the studio, the scripture, Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world, was impressed on Blanca’s heart. It was there that she knew that whatever the outcome was with her mom, God was enough. She would choose to believe that God would take care of her family and her mom and that His will would be done regardless of her emotions. Overall, Blanca knew that the situation was not in her hands but in God’s.

Given a copy of the demo of the song, “Greater Is He,” Blanca’s mom would play it during times of treatment in the hospital and when she would have a bad reaction to treatment. Reflecting on the song Blanca says, “It became our song which is something really special.”

Shortly after they received the news that her mom was cancer free, they found out that the cancer spread to a different location. Currently battling, Blanca’s mom has a hopeful outlook as she has been receiving a good reaction to her chemotherapy. Blanca comments, “There’s so many times in our walk with the Lord that things happen and they don’t always end up according to how we would like to see them. When you focus on the beauty of what God is doing all around you, hope comes in many different forms. I feel she’s come alive in a sense and it’s taken such an ugly thing to make it happen but her faith has been ignited.”

In addition, she says the affliction brought a way for the family to become even closer as a whole extending to relationship with her brother and flowing to her relationship with her mom, husband, and toddler, London. Overall, her relationships have become strengthened through brokenness as Blanca has learned to surrender.

“It’s important to talk it out. To speak out what you’re feeling and be real and vulnerable with people in your life that you trust,” says Blanca. “Being real and honest about where we are is something I feel like I would encourage every caregiver and family member to do.”

Through it all, Blanca encourages those who find themselves in a place as caretaker to take their role seriously as ministry, investing in the life of another commenting, “I feel like we play such an important role with these people we are taking care of. My mom finds strength and joy when she sees me strong. It does go a long way for them. Even though it’s challenging at times, it’s not unseen and so I feel like it’s a very courageous and selfless thing to do.”

Looking back, Blanca has had the privilege to see God’s faithfulness in the last five years of this journey. Moving onward, she looks forward to being a wife, mommy, Christian artist on the road, daughter to her awesome mom, and trusting the Lord with it all, taking it one day at a time.

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