The Silver Lining

(Photo by Jess Sanchez)

The Silver Lining

By Andrea Yim

You have heard it before, you know the saying, “there is light at the end of the tunnel.” How about, “look at the silver lining in the clouds.” There are so many encouraging phrases and Bible verses that give us hope in a very dark season or time in our life. But, what if the lining doesn’t seem to peek through? Or the tunnel is so dark you’re not sure there is any light at all. The gloom hangs over your head, heart and soul and hope seems lost.

In the book of Genesis we read about a young man who’s life seemed to be getting darker and darker. His name was Joseph. It started out when all 10 of his brothers sold him, then lied to their father that he had been eaten by a wild animal. After being sold into slavery, he was then thrown into prison after being falsely accused and left there, forgotten for years. One can only imagine the thoughts that may have gone through his head. What have I done wrong to deserve this? Has God forgotten me? Is HE mad at me? What a great lot I got on this God given earth called life.

What about the story of Job? He lost all of his kids, livestock, money and he himself was suffering with physical aliments. Job said in Job 17:15, “ where then is my hope?” He had lost everything. Darkness had clouded his very existence and he actually wanted to curse the day he had been born, hope had been blocked from the darkness. Many of us can relate to Joseph and Job. Sometimes life seems as though there is no hope, no matter the circumstance. You may have lost a loved one, maybe you have just been given the news you have cancer, maybe you have been trying for years to get pregnant and just can’t. The future seems dark and hopeless maybe even the now seems dark and hopeless. And you know what? You’re probably right.

Life, without the hope of Jesus Christ life without hope is dark. This world has no hope for us. The temporary can’t bring joy, the “happiness” on this earth is but for a moment. True and real hope is knowing God the father. Knowing that at the end of the tunnel He has a bright light awaiting you. You see, without hard times, we don’t need hope. Hope is what keeps us alive. Eventually, Joseph got out of prison and became 2nd in command over the land of Egypt. You see, God had a plan, because He used Joseph and his wisdom to save the people from a famine, including his own family. It wasn’t until Joseph was able to look back that he saw Gods perfect beautiful plan in his dark times. God is more concerned about our spiritual well being than He is anything else, and so those hard times come so that we can have something to look forward to. Joseph clung to God. He clung to the hope that God knew what He was doing.

Romans 12:12 says in the New King James version, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Psalm 39: 7 says, “…my hope is in you.” Keeping our eyes on the silver lining will get us through this life. We can embrace the hard times so that we have hope to look forward to. When the clouds begin to separate, and the light begins to peek through, we will see that there is hope. There is hope in the One who gives life and lights the way of a dark path.