How-To: Finding the Best “Spicy” Fall Flavored Products

How-To: Finding the Best “Spicy” Fall Flavored Products

By Sarah Komisky

I love fall and one of the reasons is that I LOVE all the autumn spices and all the spicy flavored foods and beverages that come with the season. The cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and ginger are all warm flavors that remind me of great comfort foods I can share with friends and family. Since fall is a perfect time to entertain and bake for those you love, this season, I decided to share my favorites with you (and some I found along the way). Enjoy this “spicy” list and may your guests feel the warmth and love found in each bite!

Ruby’s Pumpkin Shake
This seasonal treat is worth the wait. Having all the yummy fall flavors of pumpkin with a hint of nutmeg. With a great consistency, this shake is a must-have for fall complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Libby’s Pumpkin Bread
An old favorite, Libby’s Pumpkin Bread has been around for years for a reason. This easy bread mix is simple to make and incredibly moist. It also comes with icing to drizzle that is optional for those who want a hint of extra sweets. It can be a semi- homemade by adding your own little ingredients .My suggestion is to add walnuts to give it a nice nutty flavor or dried cranberries or raisins to balance with the pumpkin spice. You can also serve with a dollop of whip cream or a cream cheese frosting.

Good Earth Chai Tea
Nothing says fall like Good Earth. Spicy and rich, this tea is just right with a splash of cream and your choice of Stevin or cane sugar. Grab a cup, snuggle under a warm blanket, and enjoy! For a close second, enjoy loose leaf chai tea freshly brewed from Teavana.

Pumpkin Spice Froyo
Nearly any frozen yogurt place will have this yummy treat! An icy pumpkin froyo gives a spicy feel with a cold bite that is delicious! I suggest Yogurtland but any local foyo place will do.

Wind & Willow English Wassail Cider Mix
A holiday classic, this hot apple cider mixed with cinnamon is perfect pair for fall. To bring out the spice even more, you can add a cinnamon stick for an added pop to your warm beverage. If you enjoy apple cider you might enjoy trying this tasty hot cup of cider.

Sticky Fingers Pumpkin Spice Scone Mix
These are delicious and this brand is trustworthy. I have never had any problems when I use this mix and the scones always come out soft and never hard. Plus, they have a great pumpkin spice flavor that is a treat and ideal for any get together! Make it your own by adding nuts, currants, etc.

Nestle-Abuelita Mexican Chocolate
Associated with Christmas, this is great addition to our fall list item because it’s rich, chocolaty, and spicy. Different from regular hot cocoa, this ethnic treat has a cinnamon undertone that carries in each sip. Enhance the richness by pouring evaporated milk to your cocoa and serve with a slice of pumpkin bread and you’re ready to go!

Home-Made Apple Cobbler
Make your own! I love making this every fall. There’s something about good old fashion cobbler that is not only good but comforting. Use Fuji apples or Gala for a sweet flavor or Pippin or Granny Smith green apples for tartness. Mix in brown sugar until it caramelizes and fold in apples. Create a crumble to sprinkle over apples, bake, and enjoy! Find a good recipe at

Entenmanns Crumb Coffee Cake
Yellow cake balances with a brown sugar cinnamon crumble sprinkled with powdered sugar to create a delectable bite. This dessert will remind you of home and is a sweet addition to our fall list.

Homemade-Snicker doodle Cookies
This is the surprise item in our countdown added for the vanilla/cinnamon combination. Follow a good recipe from and you will come out with soft, textured, cinnamon treats that are tasty and leave you with warm, fall flavors. You will enjoy.

Spicy Food Wish List:

  • Nestle’ Toll House Harvest Apple Cookie Dough ($2.50)
  • Oregon Pumpkin Butter ($4.99)
  • My Favorite Pumpkin Spice Crepe Mix ($3.99)
  • Stonewall Kitchen Apple Cider Doughnut Mix ($9.95)
  • Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps ($3.99)
  • World Market Pumpkin Spice Cocoa Mix ($5.99)
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Apple Pie Apple ($9.25)