How-To: Accessorize For Fall

(Photos by Lindsay O’Neil)

How-To: Accessorize For Fall

By Sarah Komisky

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, she can feel unlovely and stripped of her feminine appeal. Sometimes women can even believe the lie that they aren’t beautiful at all. We are Marked Ministry want young women to know that is simply not true. to dispel that lie.

We want to dispel the lies and provide women with fun, trendy, fashionable, options that make them feel beautiful. So this How-To is all about that. Instead of relying simply on the options given in catalogues or hospital gift stores, we want to expand your horizons.

So get ready to play with colors, patterns, and styles that will bring out the beauty that is already in you.

Here are some great ways to play with accessories this fall:

Are you a hat girl? Scarf collector? Fan of everything bling? Look through your collection and reinvent what you already have. Maybe it’s a necklace that has been sitting in your jewelry box too long or a hat that can paired with a new dress to create a new look. Browsing through your accessories to make something old new, new again is a great way to re-create a new look that makes you feel good.

Mix and Match
I love mixing various colors, prints, and patterns to make your own unique outfit that is put together and looks great. They don’t have to match. Play around with colors, prints, patterns and you will see you add an extra “pop” to your outfit. The important thing is to be you whether you are trendy, sporty, enjoy classic trends or hipster ones, the point is to feel good in an accessorized outfit that is uniquely you!

Try Something New
As I stated before don’t limit yourself to what is simply offered to you in catalogies or at the hosptial gift store. Sometimes you may find something you like but sometimes you might not. Research other options. Maybe there are beanies that have soft yarn that won’t itch or leave you cold. There are several ministries like Knots of Love that make these beanies for people going through cancer that are a great option. Then there is the option of finding something you love at a store you love. You don’t have to not shop there anymore. Pick a scarf, shawl, poncho, a great pair of earrings, or wide-brim fedora that works for you and wear it. It’s all about finding accessories that make you feel good and beautiful.

Play With Your Strengths
Athough cancer can make you feel not very beautiful, it cannot steal your God given beauty that is uniquely yours. What is it that God gave you that you appreciate and fund beautiful? What do you want to adorn? Accentuate that. Use headbands, scarfs, bracelets, hats, watches, sunglasses, etc. to achieve an authentic look that makes you feel beautiful. I always say when I am getting ready each day to “Dress for Jesus.” It’s so true. Use the beauty he has given to shine Him. No cancer can stop that!

Marked Ministry dedicates our photo shoot to our friend, Chanel Hounsley, survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

May this shoot inspire women going through cancer to shine their beauty! To accessorize and have fun with it!

You are lovely. You are beautiful.

Enjoy these fall looks I created with Chanel using scarfs, shawls, ponchos, beanies, headbands, and statement piece jewelry.

Marked Ministry Photo Shoot Team:


(L to R: Selma, Sarah, Chanel, Lindsay, Melinda)

Styling: Sarah Komisky

Makeup: Melinda Serrano

Photography: Lindsay O’Neil

Creative Directing: Selma Komisky






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