Christmas Joy or Stress for the Holiday?

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

Christmas Joy or Stress for the Holiday?

By Selma Komisky

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year and also can be the most stressful or hectic. My advice – don’t miss Christmas. You say, “What do I mean by that?” Let all the menial stuff go and celebrate Jesus with your family. Just think all those hours shopping at a store when you could go for a limited time and the rest spending time doing something fun with your family and friends.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. From watching “Home Alone” to ordering in pizza or going to a free tree lighting ceremony, take time to enjoy the holiday festivities that bring cheer. Here are some ways to do just that.

Night Out
Instead of putting in some extra hours at work, which is good, but if it’s possible, take time off and take your family or friends to go to a free Christmas play at church and then take a night drive to see some Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Check online or the local paper of listed “must see” decorated streets. Take a hot thermos of hot chocolate and disposable cups and don’t forget some marshmallows.

Cookie Exchange
Have a day of baking and call up friends and fam and have everybody share a recipe and exchange cookies with one another. This beats waiting in long lines and it’s always a fun time of fellowship. It can be as inexpensive as choc chip cookies or fancy rugelach. You choose.

Help Others
Have a day to go help the less fortunate. Instead of just a donation, donate your time!

Disney Day
Visit Downtown Disney where entrance and parking is free. The area is decorated for the holidays and you can be entertained with Christmas music playing (sometimes played live). If you’re like me, I love to “people watch” and take in the atmosphere. You can watch the ice skaters in the holiday rink, window shop, and at night, watch the fireworks shoot off from Disneyland. Grab a Starbucks and sit back and delight! And if you don’t live in California, grab a Disney movie or tune into the holiday parade Christmas day to get your dose of Disney.

Tree Decorating Party
Have each person that you invite bring an ornament to exchange with somebody. Turn the Christmas music on and put your fireplace on. Make it simple and have a potluck. You provide the main dish and everyone can bring a side dish or dessert. Then take out all your decorations and everybody can help decorate. It’s a wonderful way to get together and get some extra help. After, bring out dessert and have a small time reading out of the bible the Christmas story found in the book of Luke.

Another idea is to have a 25 day countdown to Christmas. Everyday you can have small, simple, affordable, little, heartfelt thing to do. Of course keep Christ in it because that’s why we celebrate!

Overall, don’t miss Christ in your holiday by stressing or being too busy. Instead, celebrate the Savior’s birth!