Sewing Klatch: CCCM

(Graphic Courtesy of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa)

Sewing Klatch: CCCM

By Sarah Komisky

Sewing Klatch at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is a ministry that helps sew dresses for girls around the world. Creating simple pillowcase-style dresses where a Dress-a-Girl Around the World  label is sewn on the front, the label helps the child be protected from abduction. The label detours the abductor by appearing that the child may be “watched” by an organization. Like the Gypsy children in Ukraine, these dresses and pants made for boys are sent to different mission fields around the world as well as in Christmas Bags for reservations.

Find out more about getting involved or starting a Sewing Klatch ministry at your church at

And, if you are a Southern California, stop by Calvary Costa Mesa and serve by sewing this Christmas or donte to supply materials. Visit for more information.