God’s Love

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God’s Love

By Michelle Ochen

Valentine’s Day commonly causes us to think about “traditional romantic ideas,” and can take our focus off of what true love is. It can create a expectation of love in our lives that is not the authenticity of love. Love comes from one source alone, all other avenues flow from the source. Let’s dip our minds into this source, and reflect upon its depth. How adorable we think it is when two who have known one another since childhood fall in love, sweethearts from a young age; yet let us reflect on the love of a God, who has loved us and chosen us from before the foundations of the world.

How adorable, we think to ourselves, when a man brings a dozen red roses to the girl he loves; yet we can forget to see the countless flowers blooming before our eyes daily from God’s design. How romantic when the prince in the fairy tale shows up on a horse and captures up his lover; and yet we can reflect on the coming day when He who is called “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” will come on a horse for His bride (see Revelation 19:16). God sees us through love’s eyes. God is love, and in His nature He views us not as we are, but through His love-pierced eyes, for who we are in His Son. This is the treasured truth for those who are in Christ Jesus.

God is love, the inventor, the original, the reflection of it. The love of God, although displayed through multiple avenues, was shown in full when He sacrificed His only Son. We commonly see love as what we can take from it, but God saw love by what He could give for us. Gene Edwards paints a beautiful picture of a glimpse into God’s view of us in his book, “The Divine Romance” (chapter 18), when he writes, “In the eyes of earthen man she was a nation, but through the eyes of God she was a woman. A nation, yes, but in His sight a composite woman who foreshadowed His bride.” His description speaks of the nation of Israel, which can be interpreted as those who are governed by God. He goes on to refer to this people group He adores as His Jeru, as  in Jerusalem. You and I are God’s “Jeru”, His chosen, His bride, His valentine. Seen in all our faults and weaknesses and loved the same. Purchased because we are of value. Redeemed because He desires to be with us. Chosen because He loves us.

The world defines love and romance, but God’s gift to us transcends any definition, by constant action. This valentine’s day, let us reflect on God’s love – unchanging, unfailing, unrelenting. Search to and fro, and you will never find a love so divine, so intimate, so true. Breaching over walls, barriers, insecurities, hidden shames, language, you name it, His love reaches. Reach out and allow this Valentine’s to be one spent with the Lover of your soul, the Holder of your heart, the Author of love Himself.