How-To: De-clutter, Spring clean, and Organize Your Living Space

(Feature photo courtesy of Target and organizational photos courtesy of, Google Images for free use, Ikea, Pinterest and The Container Store)

How-To: De-clutter, Spring clean, and Organize Your Living Space

By Selma Komisky

We are approaching Spring and what better time to go through our clutter and get organized! Julie Morgenstern has created the following great acronym for de-cluttering in her book called “Organizing from the Inside Out.”

SPACE is an acronym for ………

Sort: Go through each possession and create a space. (Ask yourself, ‘Can I use this ? Do I love this? Do I want to donate this?’)


Purge: Where you decide what to get rid of and how. (Toss, give away, sell, store, and simplify. What items are most essential to you?)




Assign: Decide precisely where, within each zone, you’re going to store them. (Which shelf, left side, right side, under… you get the idea.)



Containers: Make it easy to keep your categories of items grouped and labeled. (Separate them within their assigned homes so that retrieval, clean-up, and maintenance are easy. Get sturdy, easy to handle containers.)


Evaluate: Monitor on a regular basis, to see how well your system is working. (Keep it simple. Make tiny adjustments so you can stay organized. Clean–up daily, and put things back where they belong at the end of the day, so clutter won’t build up.)