Enjoying Prom Without Regrets

(Photo courtesy of prom.about.com)

Enjoying Prom Without Regrets

By Andrea Yim

Have you ever felt like there are restrictions on having fun as a Christian? Many people have this warped idea that going out and laughing, dancing, and even participating in events put on by the secular world is not okay. The Bible never teaches this sort of concept. As a matter of fact, one of the very first miracles that Jesus performed took place at a wedding, and from personally reading this story it sounds like everyone there, including Jesus, was having a great time!

Now what about a school dance such as Prom? What about having a date to go with? Going to Prom can be one of the most memorable outings you will ever participate in if you allow yourself to let go of the idea that you’re doing something wrong and just make it a wonderful time. Still be a shining light of Jesus in this dark world. Going with your date can make you a little nervous, but be reassured that when you put on the mind of Christ, and you desire to honor the Lord in everything you do, and honor God in your dating relationship, then you will be given the strength to stay the bright light together.

God created us to be relational beings, and dancing and laughing is part of that. Going out to prom with your date can be a God honoring thing. Others around you, Christian or not, will notice the way you dance together, your body language towards one another, the joy on your face and the conversations you hold. Dating as a Christian can be tricky. Why? Because you hold the same emotions and feelings as everyone else, but you also have that extra desire to stay pure and honor God at all times.

The strength to stay pure and have fun comes from God alone. Don’t put restrictions on yourself regarding having a relationship and enjoying that relationship, but make it a point in your heart and mind that everything you do or say, including the songs that you dance to, will always bring glory to God. Holding hands isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if holding your date’s hand is causing you to stumble, then you need to make the conscience decision not to do that. One of the most important things to realize is that in school you have others watching you at all times, and that’s a lot of pressure. When you walk with Christ, however, and desire to please him, then your life and relationship will, on it’s own, be a bright light to everyone who sees.

Dancing together can be a great time, but what about when slow songs are played and your emotions start rising? Everyone is different and that may not be an area that you even think twice about, but what about that special person you are with? Are they thinking twice about it? Love is not selfish, and considering others is always a God honoring thing.

There are so many things to do at a school prom. Go, laugh and dance and in everything you do pray for wisdom and strength. Be cautious, you know deep down inside what is acceptable and what is not, so follow that “gut” instinct because nine out of ten times it’s the Spirit showing you the way to go. Make prom night a night you can look back on fifty years from now and know that you have no regrets.