The Voiceless Invitation

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

The Voiceless Invitation

By Michelle Ochen

We all fantasize over prom as if it is our magical night of pumpkins turning into golden carriages, dancing with prince charming, and wearing glass slippers, but what happens if no one asks us to prom? How can it be happily ever after without the prince?

If you are a awaiting your prom night, but still the phone is silent, the letters you hope to find in your locker are blank, and no boy walks up to you in the hallway, know that prom will still be a memorable night, and perhaps even more memorable if you go with friends, rather then a partner. How can this be? Because the fun you will have at prom will come from you, not from others.

Let’s think back on our classic Cinderella story…did she prepare for the ball because a prince had asked her to dance? No. She prepared for the ball because of the excitement going would bring, because she knew she was a women worthy of the awaited night. There was no prince charming guarantee. Our beloved Cinderella didn’t need the date to show up for a night of adventure, she only needed confidence – which we know came from magical help. Putting aside the magic, and coming into reality – the same principle can be applied. You do not need a date to have a great night at prom; you only need confidence to go and have a great time, and where can that be found? Your Savior has an abundance supply.

As I reflect upon personal memories, as to why having a date to prom was so appealing, it was for three key reasons:

1. To have someone tell me I looked beautiful
2. To have someone’s hand to hold
3. To not feel alone

Yet, all the opportunities for prom in my life came with “voiceless invitations.” Nonetheless, my memories of prom are vivid and sure; I had a great night laughing with my friends, taking pictures with everyone, wearing a floor-length dress, and feeling beautiful. Those memories came out of a confidence from above. Knowing that even if I didn’t have a date to tell me that I looked beautiful, I have a Savior who delights in me and thinks I’m perfectly made (Isaiah 62:5, Psalm 139:14). Those memories came out of knowing that my Lord upholds me with His righteous right hand at all time, not just for a evening out (Isaiah 41:10). Those memories came out of knowing that I am never alone, never forsaken, and never forgotten by my God (Hebrews 13:5).

If you find yourself staring at the prom invitation and knowing that you will be “going solo” as they call it, know that it is your choice whether to see solo as “alone,” or to instead see it as you going just as you are – a perfectly made women, ready to experience a night of fun and memories, escorted by the Greatest Lover of all in every moment of the evening. This is not magic as it was for Cinderella, but a beautiful reality of life for a daughter of the Lord Jesus. He is ready to “dance” with you at the prom through smiles, laughter, and memories. Go forth to that prom and have fun!