Emma Verschueren: Writer

(Photo courtesy of Emma Verschueren)

In the book “Little Women,” the character Laurie is described as a man who was, “quick to see and feel beauty of any kind,” and I’ve often described myself in those same terms. As a celebrator of simplicity and delighter of all things wild and free, I am naturally inclined to find the beauty in our existence. In the process, I find myself pursuing intimacy with the Creator- and writing helps me do just that!

When I left my hometown in Southern California in 2012, I had no idea God would lead me where he did. After receiving a degree in History from Colorado Christian University this past December, I took a leap of faith and moved to New Mexico to see what God had in store for me next. Each day is a challenge to pursue this intimacy with God in a new context, but it is infinitely worth it.

I look forward to documenting my journey with you and I hope that as much as writing pushes me to know Christ more, reading my story and the stories of others on Marked Ministry will help you do the same!