A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

A Note From the Editor

A Note From the Editor: June 2016
Summer Moments

By: Selma Komisky

There are some moments that just stick with you when you’re growing up, and for me, family trips to the beach were one of them. Every summer we would pack up our gear in our car and take off. The drive out was always eventful and fun, looking out my window with anticipation. In my six-year-old mind, I could tell I was getting closer to the ocean as the sea air blew against my face and hair and I inhaled the smell of barbecued grilled hot dogs in the distance.

Passing through the drive-thru to grab a bag full of hamburgers and fries for our picnic- style lunch was a highlight while listening to the music of the Beach Boys playing on the radio. I appreciated the sunny, blue skies. Arriving, I can still remember pitching our umbrella and the warm sand on my feet, the fragrant coconut aroma of Coppertone suntan lotion, and the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore. So simple, nothing fancy, but those were some of the best times as a kid spending time with my family at the beach. So what moments are you going to make this summer with your loved ones?

Summer is approaching, schools are winding down, and family vacations are on the horizon, so take a plunge into Marked Ministry Online Magazine for our June issue. It features portraits of summer and I encourage you to soak in the articles. For instance, travel to the beautiful island of New Zealand and see how God’s moving there. Check out some fun beachy hairstyles, experience a new genre of music from new artists, and meet a cool young author who shares from her heart (I guarantee you will definitely want to add her to your book club reading). Try some homemade, refreshing yummy green drinks that will kick-start good health. Learn what not to wear and what to put off in your spiritual closet. Celebrate graduates and explore our list of the 10 best destinations to visit for your summer pleasure, just to name a few. Start to enjoy and savor these summer moments with us at Marked Ministry Online Magazine!

May the “Son” shine on you (Numbers 6:24-26),