Redeem the Time

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

Redeem the Time

By Andrea Yim

Being single can be tricky. You have more time on your hands than those that are married and those who have children, yet you have just as much of a life as anyone else. There is a Bible verse that reminds us that when you are married you must care about the things of your husband and family, and when you are single you are able to freely focus and care about the things of the Lord. How that looks for each and every individual is so different that you have to come at it with one goal in your mind: “does my life bring honor and glory to God?” Ask yourself, “Am I redeeming the time; my time, that God has given me personally?”

Ephesians 5:15-6 says, “Be very careful then, how you live, — not as unwise but as wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil” (KJV, NIV). This day and the age we live in only continue to get darker. As a Christian and as a single person you have a huge opportunity that many may not get, and that’s to be busy about His work! Now, everyone has their own work that they are called to, and this work doesn’t look the same for everyone. One of the most important things to remember, whether single or not, is that God is looking to and fro for just one person who is willing!

Willingness is the key here. God doesn’t need us, but He gives us an opportunity to be a part of His work. Whether that’s ministering in the junior high school at church, or working at Starbucks and being the brightest light you can be. Whatever He has you doing, right where you are, that is best and that is redeeming the time. Just by being faithful and content in what He has for you right where you are. Never give in to the lies of the enemy when the raging thoughts come in that you are basically nothing or can offer nothing because you are single! God wants to crush those thoughts and they are crushed when you meditate on all the things that are true, noble, pure and good. There is not much time. And even if there were a million years left, our life span is short. There are hurting people and lost people and much work to be done. We are called to be a fragrance of Jesus Christ and so let’s shine bright to those around us, abstaining from all evil things for there is already much evil. Staying connected with God is the key: dig into His word and listen to what He has for you.