How-To: Pen From the Heart

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

How-To: Pen From the Heart

By Michelle Ochen

Words are a gift from God for communication. For centuries, man has done his best to understand words and use them to their greatest potential – interpreters for languages, war codes, telegraphs, books, and letters. Of all forms that words can be delivered, there is nothing that compares to the intimacy of a hand written note. It speaks of time spent, thoughts pondered, detail considered with each movement of the hand, and personalism, for a hand written letter cannot be fully duplicated without restarting.

Taking the time to write someone a note can have lasting impact. Unlike a text message or an e-mail that appears on your device for a time and eventually is gone, a hand-written letter can be kept and treasured for years. Unlike a face to face conversation, letters often express what vocal words cannot. Letters can be read in a safe place, where the impact can have a deeper effect. Letters can be re-read over and over, giving new life with each read.

Sending someone a letter can change their whole day. A personalized note communicates to the receiver that they are valued, cared for, and noticed. Taking a moment to sit and read a letter slows a heart down to where it should be, and speaks of the simple things in life. I personally love writing letters and see it as an area of gifting in my life because through such things I am able to be an encourager in the life of another.

How does one embark on a journey of turning a blank page into a inspiration? Begin with a goal: what do you desire for this letter to accomplish? Is it an avenue to send encouragement? Or is it an avenue for confrontation? Is it a simple hello or a deep confession? After you have established the goal, you then want to paint a story. The best letters will leave the reader with a theme or idea and writing it in the form of a story will always capture their memory.

This may even involve giving a tangible object to accompany your letter. For example, if you are seeking to encourage a girl about how beautiful she is, you may want to keep the focus of your letter on flowers. Research, learn, and share what you find – you may find a beautiful idea regarding flowers, or a new meaning behind the name of a certain flower and play off of that. Doing this gives more of a story to your idea, then you may just want to include one of those flowers with the letter when you give.

Following that idea, move into a way to bring your idea to a meditative state. This is where encouraging someone with a spiritual truth or a verse from the Word of God gives great effect. Give the reader something they can hold onto. God’s word is filled with promises on every undertaking of life. Don’t hesitate to ask the Lord to take grip of the pen and write through you to bring encouragement to another. I have wasted hours staring at a blank page before asking for His help – save time. His words are full of life and truth, and He is always ready to lend a hand to your letter. He inspired many men to pen His heart in what we hold today in Scriptures. He can likewise inspire you to share His words of encouragement with another through the simplicity of a letter.