Teen Fall Fashion 2016

(Feature photo by Grace Lee)

Teen Fall Fashion 2016

By Melissa Jara

Fall, Autumn, whatever you want to call it, is officially here. I like to call it the “Jesus Fashion Show.” I call it that because people are a little more covered up around this time and not showing what Jesus gave them, but what clothes He has provided for them to stay warm. Yes, in California the days still get hot but the nights gets chilly. It has cooled down quite quickly and we have had a sneak peek. Maybe you’re reading this and it’s cold all year around. This still pertains to you too.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Don’t you just love the colors that naturally come out through change all laid out right before our eyes? Let’s just take some time to acknowledge the color tones: stone, wood, reds, rusty colors, and we can’t forget the blacks.

It’s time to change your closet around. Let’s put those summer clothes away or even get cash for them by having a yard sale. Take them to a store called Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads and if you don’t have one in your area there are different stores who will buy your clothes. They won’t buy everything because they can get picky at times, but if it is a cool item in their eyes they will buy it. You can get some pocket change for it or exchange it for store credit. These are just a few ideas I’m throwing out there on what to do with old winter clothes, summer clothes, accessories or whatever you think they will like. Again, if that does not work, just have a yard sale and raise some funds towards your new wardrobe. If you’re not looking to make money then just give them away to Salvation Army to make space for your new wardrobe.

Just because it gets colder doesn’t mean you can’t dress fashionably and attractively. And don’t let your outfits or clothes at home make you throw in the towel and cancel plans. Let’s plan those events and get outfits for them. If you’re in school it’s standard to dress casually, comfortably, and cute. Do that but add a rusty color to your outfit somewhere – a shirt or scarf or pants. Also, add a bangle bracelet or add some black stud earrings (they can dangle if you want) and some booties.

Now for the homecoming school dance I wore a little black dress with one strap crossing over my shoulder. The length was above my knees. So simple yet classy and fashionable: the “Audrey Hepburn” look.

Wear a pencil skirt with low top shoes and folded silk socks. Put your hair up with a scarf and that look screams classy and sassy, and is definitely a fall favorite. For other days jeans and really big sweaters or flannels are great, and you can deck them out the way you like. You can get them at thrift stores for $2-$5 and cut off the neck to hang them off the shoulder and wear with a tank top. You can also do this with a sweater. Wear a colorful blouse underneath or just use your accessories like scarves, wool hats, booties, and bracelets.

When you wear a tight long sleeve add a bracelet for a fashion statement. Short sleeve turtlenecks are perfect with jeans and whatever shoes you choose, it will look good (I have faith in you).

You’ve got this; don’t panic! You can have a whole new wardrobe quickly and cheaply. And if you’re still having problems or want some tips email us here on Marked Ministry or leave a comment and we will get back to you.

I love you and hope you were excited and encouraged by this read.

Finally, I wanted to share some truth with you that’s in the Bible. Even if you have never read the Bible, or you don’t believe in it, it still pertains to life and is so relative in a world that needs it. 1 Peter 3:3 says “Don’t let your adornment be merely outward arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel.”

In context this means that inward beauty is incorruptible but outward beauty can be destroyed. In other words you can look good and dress really fashionably but if you’re a rotten person on the inside it will come out and just ruin your whole look. So be blessed with what you have and who you are but be gentle, kind and most of all loving. Also, if you didn’t know, God is not against fashion or getting dolled up. Just don’t turn it into a thing you idolize or make it more important than you relationship with Jesus. God must be first and trust me when you’re right with Him He will make you more beautiful and you will even glow.

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