Giving Poverty the Boot

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Giving Poverty the Boot

By Samantha Dammann

Samuel Bistrian, the founder of Roma Boots, is working to give poverty the boot both literally and figuratively.

Bistrian, a Romanian native who moved to the United States with his family when he was eight, founded Roma Boots in 2009. The company is a philanthropic business built on the one for one model. For every pair of rain boots purchased, a pair of boots of equal quality is given to a child in need in one of 25 countries around the world. Not only is a pair of rain boots donated to a child, but also 10% of all proceeds from boot sales are used to fund educational initiatives around the world.


This fall the company is featuring a rain boot line that was produced in collaboration with Sadie Robertson. Sadie collaborated with Roma Boots last fall, and the line’s high demand moved Bistrian and Robertson to produce an expanded line this fall.

Sadie’s boot line is characterized by a floral print. The print was available in her first line, but has been reimagined and is now offered in a short Emma classic style. The line also features three styles of the Chelsea boot in deep shades of red and black.


Through this collaboration with Sadie Robertson, Roma Boots has become closely linked with Sadie’s Live Original tour. Bistrian believes that this collaboration is so powerful because of the common message that Roma Boots shares with Live Original.

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“Since our inception seven years ago, we always said that we want to inspire people to do good in this world and we want to create a spark of hope in people that need hope. And whether it’s children in one of the 25 countries that have received a pair of rain boots where we’ve gone to, or whether it’s millennials and young people here in the US that have everything but don’t have a sense of motivation or hope, we want to be able to inspire them,” said Bistrian.

Bistrian believes that Roma Boots is all about love and kindness. He wants everybody to know that they don’t have to be rich to help end poverty; they just have to be kind.

“I think that Live Original and Sadie also stand for that: letting people know that they can contribute something to the world, and everybody can Live Original. Everybody can be a light in this world,” said Bistrian.

Roma Boots and Live Original are successful and highly inspirational companies that are truly making a difference in the world.

When asked to give advice to young people that are inspired by his work, Bistrian said, “Do it from the heart, keep it simple, and never give up.”

Bistrian believes that all work should be motivated by a pure desire to serve others. He believes that companies that are motivated solely by the prospect of making money will not be able to endure the obstacles that growing companies face.

Whether it meant cutting down on his personal expenses, selling his car, or returning to his previous job in order to continue funding Roma Boots, Bistrain said his deep passion for helping people around the world, and the realization that the rain boots truly were making a difference, motivated him to do whatever it took.

“Whatever it took, I was willing to do that because I realized that the boots were making such an impact in the lives of thousands of children around the world,” he said.

Roma boots are available for purchase in several retailers across the nation, as well as on their website.