Inked Beauties: What I Wore

(Feature photo by Bela DeLeon)

Inked Beauties: What I Wore

By Sarah and Selma Komisky


(Photo by Bela DeLeon)

Tristin Adams:

My outfit with the black and white striped body suit and olive green corduroy skirt was from forever 21. I love my hipster hat and grey booties I found at a thrift store. Thrift store shopping is one of my favorite things; you can find some amazing hidden treasures.


(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

My second outfit was a tan dress with a red flannel also from forever 21, brown beanie and brown boots. I love skirts and dresses, they make me feel the most confident and more often than not I am always in some type of hat or beanie especially in fall and winter.


(Photo by Bela DeLeon)

My third outfit was black leggings, black camisole under a pink blouse, ivory Infiniti scarf and brown booties. I also found these booties at a thrift store. When you do find me in pants it will most likely be leggings. You will hardly ever see me in jeans. I just love that you can do anything in leggings, dress them up or down, sleep in them or go to the gym in them.


(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

Jen McGinnis:

Modesty is super important to me so I love outfits that can compliment my figure but still keep me covered. Each of my outfits did just that.

My favorite outfit would be the pencil skirt with the white T and mustard lace vest. Until recently I was a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal, so this form-fitting outfit is still a bit out of my element. However, I feel incredibly beautiful and strong when I wear it. And that confidence pours out into actions and reactions.


(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year. The colors, need for layers, booties! So anything that has to do with or is inspired by fall, has my heart. Although, here in California, just because it’s fall does not mean that it’s chilly. I loved pairing my oversized dress with a pair of military boots. When I wear that outfit I feel at home, relaxed, comfortable, and still confident.


(Photo by Bela DeLeon)

Like I shared, I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. And then I had two girls, and they live for dress up, pretend play, and they want mommy in on the action. The grey dress that I am wearing is my go-to for dress out, date night, and any special occasion. The length is still modest, which is hard to find these days. I can pair that style dress with any, literally, any pair of shoes in my closet, and it’s simple to dress up or down. Layering is a preference for me. I think adding an extra piece of anything brings an outfit more to life! Whether it is a tank under a tee with a little peek-a-boo tie knot action, or a flannel over a tee over a tank, or a skirt over a dress to create the perfect pattern matching. The options for new outfits are endless when you layer!


(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)