Phil Wickham Releases New Acoustic Album

(Photo courtesy of the media collective)

Phil Wickham Releases New Acoustic Album

By Gabby Mehler

We’re all familiar with Phil Wickham’s pure intentions and radiant zeal in his endeavor to serve the Lord through song writing. His latest album ‘Children of God: Acoustic Sessions’ provides a more intimate and raw form of the tracks off his earlier album “Children of God.”

A post on Wickham’s Instagram account described the album saying, “These are the songs in their most most simple and raw form.” He went on to say in a later post that the feedback from the album had been encouraging: “It was a special one to make and we hope you enjoy listening to it! Get it now on iTunes!”

The artist’s most well known songs such as “This is Amazing Grace,” “At Your Name,” and “Safe” have been noteworthy for their high energy and excitement while still having biblical truth and grace etched in each lyric.

His singalong albums never fail to have the listener truly feel as if they were a part of the audience on the night the album was recorded. His latest release is just as powerful as it is calming and reassuring to the listener, with an undeniably authentic atmosphere. The album features three bonus tracks that were all recorded in one take and unedited.

Phil Wickham had been raised in a family of musicians and began his journey as a worship leader at the age of thirteen while on his journey to develop a stronger relationship with the Lord. Encouraged by his parents, he later began writing songs of his own which would eventually lead to the release of his debut album in 2003 entitled, “Give You My World.”

Recently the renowned Christian singer-songwriter encountered a great test of faith in having throat surgery, which could have altered Wickham’s voice. By the grace and strength of God, the surgery went smoothly and resulted in the artist’s continuation in worshiping the Lord through song.

His latest album is not only a source of encouragement to all its listeners, but also a testimony of God’s faithfulness to deliver us and strengthen us in times of tribulation. Wickham is currently on tour with his next show in Arizona at Christ Community Church with special guest stars Go Dim and Micah Tyler. If you’re on the search for new songs to add to your playlist, this album is loaded with genuine lyrics that properly showcase God’s character. The album “Children of God: Acoustic Sessions” is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play.


“Phil Wickham Unveils Children Of God: Acoustic Sessions Today” (press release from the media collective)