Fun Fringe

(Feature photo by Lindsay O’Neil and other hair photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Fun Fringe

By Tristin Adams and Selma Komisky

Almost every season there is a new hairstyle that comes out. This fall, an edgy beauty trend is catching fire. What might that be you ask? It’s wearing bangs also known as fringe. Bangs make an instant statement. Bangs can frame your face, accentuate and highlight your eyes, spruce up an old look and make things new and fun when it comes to style.

If you want a quick change, bangs may be for you. Explore some of these versatile ways you can get your bangs cut and strut your fringe today!

Classic Side Bangs 

Long or short, heavy part or subtle part, I call this the “classic side bang” because it will never go out of style. If we get bored with our hairstyles we can refresh our look with a fun stylish bang and the long side bang can be a perfect change without a huge commitment. Styling side bangs is fast and easy. You can blow dry them while wrapping them around a large round brush, and moving the brush away from your face and to the side. It’s always recommended to get bangs cut by a professional.




Blunt, Straight Across Bangs 

I love these bangs so much! Even if your hairstyle is a messy bun or ponytail, these bangs will transform a casual look into a chic, modern and totally put-together look. You can cut them super bluntly and way above the eyebrow for a very vintage look, or you can keep these bangs a little longer, below the eyebrow, and texturize them a little for a softer look. These bangs look great for any age and any style of haircut.




The Cross Between Straight Across and Side Bangs: The Best of Both Worlds (Peek-a-Boo Bangs)

This look is great if you just can’t make up your mind and if you love versatility. One day you can wear a heavy side bang and the next day you can wear them straight down, but messily, so they kind of do their own thing. They would be a little long to wear completely straight down so you might be moving them out of your eyes here and there but that will give them a new look every time you play with them! They’re great for adventurous people.



Long Bangs Parted Down the Middle

The middle part has come full circle. It is super trendy right now and we are loving it. Parting bangs down the middle gives hair a modern look with a retro flair. Some nice beach waves with a little bend on the ends of your bangs is beautiful. It also gives you some variety when growing your bangs out so you don’t always have to pin them out of your face or wear them to the side. Also, a high ponytail with a teased crown and a middle part with bangs is fabulous.