How-To: Host Thanksgiving! (Part 2)

(Photos by Michele Massie)

How-To: Host Thanksgiving! (Part 2)

By Michele Massie

Your Thanksgiving décor should begin at the front door where guests arrive. The front door area and the foyer should prepare the heart of your guests for what’s to come. As they enter your home, always greet them with a smile and heart of love. This is where the servant heart fills the air and begins to bless the ones the Lord has invited to your home. Always begin by offering them refreshments and maybe some hor d’oeuvres. A gracious host will consider the people who are coming and begin to think about the opening conversation they might have that would be uplifting and edifying and will set the tone for a lovely time.

Setting a beautiful table and festive home environment will enable you to entertain graciously and easily. I have found that if the Lord is calling me to open my home for a holiday meal, then He will provide financially for me to do so. Where the Lord guides, He provides! With a beautifully decorated table, everything else just seems to fall into place.

The table you set can be a wonderful way to take your hospitality to a very special place that will leave a memory for you and your guests that will last for years to come. It has been said that special events in our lives are 20% fun and 80% memory that is to be taken with you into your golden years

When it comes to opening your home with hospitality, the matters of the heart are most important because holidays are holy days consecrated to the Lord! Preparing the heart as you do your meal and table can be the most anointed tablecloth, which will be a powerful foundation to build your gathering upon. So pray about everything and spend time in the Word daily as you prepare for your event. Don’t miss your daily appointment with Jesus! A good rule of thumb is: no Bible, no breakfast. When the day of the gathering comes, you will be able to be totally present and offer the very best of yourself.

Lastly, beloved, always leave your guests looking at Jesus. People may forget about the turkey and pie, but they won’t forget your special efforts birthed out of the time you spent sitting at the feet of Jesus (Luke 10:38-42).

Photos from Michele Massie’s own Thanksgiving Table: