The Technology Trap: What Are You Missing This Christmas?

(Photo by Grace Lee)

The Technology Trap: What Are You Missing This Christmas?

By Kyle Jane Heskett

I can’t help but notice that technology is everywhere, and it advances so fast. It is now normal to see teenagers texting at the dinner table, pedestrians walking across the street scrolling the internet, and adults looking at their phone while driving.

Christmas is coming and if there’s ever a good time to completely embrace the day, it’s on Christmas. Unfortunately, we live in a very materialistic society where Christmas is not about the birth of Jesus, but rather presents, presents, and more presents! Technology aids this materialistic message through constant advertising, social media to show off what you got, and easy access to everything with online shopping.

Gift giving in itself is thoughtful and kind. Even Jesus received gifts from the wise men when He was born. But have we forgotten about the greatest gift of all? That is Jesus, our Savior, who was born in order to give us the free gift of eternal life. Have we become such slaves to our technological devices to where this day loses its meaning to us? I’m guilty of this myself and I want to get back to celebrating the true meaning of Christmas without distraction. So here is a challenge for you that I’m going to do on December 25. It’s a way we can all fully embrace the day:

Put your phone, iPad, and laptop away for the whole day, unless it’s an emergency. Of course, calling a loved one to wish them a Merry Christmas is a pretty good reason to use them too. But besides the exceptions, hide these devices away. This will help you ignore any distractions that may come with them, such as Facebook or Twitter notifications. It is just for one day and you can do it!

Read Luke 2, a chapter about Jesus’ birth and early childhood and ask God to speak to you as you read His Word. Take some time to reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ coming. Ask yourself how this information should change the way you view life, how you can be grateful for His birth, and any other questions that may come up.

Pray throughout the day for God to keep you focused on His love for you and the joy of this holiday.

Embrace the loved ones around you by fully engaging in conversation with them. Eat, laugh, cry, wherever the day may take you.

Last but not least, expect God to meet you where you are at. He cares for you no matter what you have done or how you are feeling. He will be faithful to you. Proverbs 8:17 states “I love those who love Me; And those who diligently seek me will find Me.” Enjoy your Christmas and all the blessings that it brings!