Jesus in Our “Blue Christmas”

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

Jesus in Our “Blue Christmas”

By Kendall Fee

The holidays. The time when life is supposed to slow down and be appreciated. It’s a time for cheer and family and joy. We have big over the top gatherings and tie everything up with nice pretty bows. You’ve seen the movies, you know how it works. This time of the year is a time to be thankful, a time to be joyful, and a time to spread love.

What if though, right now, you’re not feeling joyful? What if you don’t want to be thankful? What if you need love before you can even fathom spreading it? You aren’t ready for the big bows that tie up the holiday with cheer and excitement. It seems like feeling defeated and tired, or even depressed is putting this dark cloud over what’s meant to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Personally, I’m not looking forward to the holidays myself. There’s the stress of my ever increasing work load, finances that are putting me in utter turmoil, fractured friendships, dysfunctional family matters, and the list goes on and on. How am “I” supposed to sit at the table on Christmas Eve and engage with family and friends when all I really want to do is shut everyone and everything out? How do I enjoy the hussel and bussel of Christmas shopping when my wallet says, “No!”

How do you make the best of the holiday season when you’re not feeling the best?

If you’re asking yourself this question right now, I’m writing this to encourage you. No matter what circumstances you have found yourself in this holiday season just remember that life goes on.

Life is messy and hard. Jesus even tells his disciples that. I bet if the disciples celebrated Christmas Jesus would assure them that even on the holidays, life is still messy. Things don’t just magically get solved or revolved over the holidays. Life isn’t put on hold. It just keeps going, but in the midst of the chaos and the pain that revolves around your “Blue Christmas,” it’s important to be reminded that Jesus wants to join with us in our “Blue Christmas.”

He wants to be your comfort, be your strength, and be your Savior. He wants to give you rest, even when your time off work or school seems 10 times more stressful. He wants to hold your hand and walk with you, even when you’re rushing around the mall buying last minute gifts. He wants to be with you during your “Blue Christmas.”

The real question is, will you let him? Will you let him get close enough to speak into your “Blue Christmas?” Will you open up your hurting heart and seek him, even when the holidays seem too hard to handle right now? Nothing is too big for Jesus. No wound is too deep to heal, no family drama is too big for him to work through, no loss (of a family member or friend) is too big for Jesus to come in and give you comfort and understanding. He wants to do this. All he wants is to walk closely with you through all the messiness life is throwing in your face.

So when you look at your “Blue Christmas,” do you want to walk through it alone, or with Jesus? Just imagine, how much more blue it would be without him. 
He’s there. Find him this holiday season.