Sister, Sister: Photo Shoot

(Photos by Lydia Salas)

Sister, Sister Photo Shoot

The Beauty of Sisterhood

By Selma Komisky

Best friends, a strong bond, the one we tell secrets to, the one we look up to, the one we can text whatever and whenever, the one we love and fight with. It’s our sister. Whether she’s younger or older she’s never far away from our heart. This month at Marked Ministry magazine we wanted to pay tribute to sisters.

This young teen and her tween sister are sweet, refreshing, and natural organic beauties. They are not ashamed that they have a close relationship with Jesus and want to serve Him in ministry!

They strutted their adorable layered wintry outfits, Christmas SoCal style and clearly displayed what makes sisters unique, fun and beautiful.

We invite you to enjoy this sister-sister photo shoot with us.

Location: Balboa Island

Creative Director: Selma Komisky
Hair: Tristin Adams
Modeling: Roselyn Barrios and Andrea Escobedo
Photography: Grace Lee and Lydia Salas
Photo Shoot Coordinator: Selma Komisky
Photo Shoot Director: Sarah Komisky
Styling: Sarah and Selma Komisky