The Top 5 Winter Holiday Dresses of 2016

(Feature photo courtesy of by Kristian Irey)

The Top 5 Winter Holiday Dresses of 2016

By Grace Lee

We are nearing the end of November, and the holiday season is finally here! Cold weather doesn’t mean that we have to stop being stylish. I love winter holiday dresses because they’re not made to show off your body or attract attention to yourself. They are fashionable in a modest way and allow you to shine even without the dress being so short or flashy. The best thing is all of these holiday dresses look fabulous topped off with a holiday coat. Holiday dresses are a good investment because you can wear them even out of the holiday season. They aren’t too stuffy to wear in the summer, and they aren’t too revealing to not wear in the winter. Here are my top 5 holiday dresses:


Love, Nickie Lew, Mesh Inset Skater Dress, Nordstrom, $23.96


Soprano, Sequin T-Shirt Dress, Nordstrom, $65.00


Ruby&Bloom, ‘Jessamine’ Lace Dress, Nordstrom, $21.57


Mango, BabyDoll Neck Dress, $29.99


H&M, Short Dress – Dusty Pink, $12.99