Winter Must Haves: Moriah Peters

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Winter Must Haves: Moriah Peters

By Sarah Komisky

1. Rodan + Fields: Unblemish Skincare Line

“I religiously used Rodan + Fields’s “Unbelimish.” I’ve always had problems with acne so it’s really helpful, but, it also has a really good moisturizing SPF.”

2. Grapeseed Oil

“With skin getting super dry, I love using grapeseed oil, and that’s super moisturizing.”

3. MAC: Auburn Lip Pencil

“My absolute favorite lipstick for all times of the year (actually use it more in the Fall) but I guess my favorite lip color for winter is a MAC lip pencil called ‘Auburn.’ It’s so pretty, it’s like a burnt-orange-red. It’s really nice.”

4. UGGS: Gloves.

“There are these gloves that UGGS that shoe brand makes and the one that I have are fingerless and it’s easy to text and type and all of that. They are so awesome! They have fur on the inside; they are super warm.”

5. Onepiece: Onesies

“There’s a company, it’s out of Norway and it’s called “Onepiece.” They are the coolest onesies you will ever find in your life. I wear mine to the airport, like I go to the grocery store in my onesie because it’s so cool. I have ones where the sleeves come off if you’re too hot. My husband has one too, they are just awesome!”