A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

A Note From the Editor: February, 2017

By Sarah Komisky

I love a good love letter. There is no doubt about it—it warms my heart every time. Over the years I’ve saved cards and letters. A good friend of mine even gave me this awesome book that allows me to copy and paste them on fun pages (super easy for a non-crafter like me). But the love letters that continue to be my favorite by far are God’s love letters through His word: the Bible. They comfort, bring peace, safety, security, reassurance, encouragement, freedom, romance, joy and love. Simply put: they are exactly the words I need at just the right time—words I can’t get enough of.

As we reach February, the month notoriously associated with Valentine’s Day, I wonder if we have lost this art form today? Think of the poet John Keats and his love letters to Franny Brawne or Elizabeth Barrett to the Victorian writer, Robert Browning; Abigail Adams to the famous John Adams. All these letters express beautiful sentiments that can make a girl sigh. But today’s love letters have lost their luster, romance, purity and loveliness. When I Googled modern love letters, they were mostly mingled with sex and infidelity, reserved in only so many characters and aided by emoji’s.  

So what does the word “love” mean? Look up the definition and many dictionaries ascribe love as “an intense feeling.” Hands down, look at the world and we will see this is true. It’s echoed in all things commercial and in our culture. So, is its only function to evoke the mushy, ooey gooey expression of our feelings? Is it holiday lingo? Is it the “thing” to do? Is it purely conditional?

While Webster or the Oxford dictionary can give us some of the truth, the author of love, God Himself has a definition that surpasses them all. His definition points to the amazing, unconditional love that surpasses anything the world could ever know. Beyond feeling, this love is steadfast, deep, pure and ever-present. It does not withhold or change or fade over time. And when God says he loves you, he means it.

So, here at Marked Ministry this February, we want to explore what these words mean and look at it through the lens of God’s Word to us. To take His words to you as your personal love letters and we pray they take your breathe away. More than any famous love letter, tiny cupids, doily hearts, long stem roses and even chocolate, we believe God’s words will impress you so much more. We will see His love in marriage, in dating, in singleness, in friendship, in family and in the Bible. We are going to celebrate love through the sharing of some yummy recipes and practice some self-love by taking care of our health, exposing the secrets of sugar addiction. We also are going to find some answers on what God says love is—and what it isn’t. So get cozy as we deliver these letters to you. Open them, read them, enjoy them: from the Lover of your soul, Jesus.