Q&A: Robin and Ryan – Sweethearts

(Photos by by Lindsay O’Neil)

Q&A: Robin and Ryan – Sweethearts

By Selma Komisky

Robin Palacios and Ryan Straw share their thoughts on purity, relationships, how God brought them together, and what they love about each other.


How do you keep purity in your relationship?

Robin: Keeping purity in a relationship is a lot easier said than done. The main thing we make sure we do is to keep God at the center of our relationship. We’ve seen that the more we are in God’s Word and praying together, the more we have the Lord’s strength rather than trying to rely on our own strength. Another thing we have done to keep purity in our relationship was to set boundaries in the beginning. This played a big role in where Ryan and I are today.

How does Ryan bring you closer to God?

Robin: Being able to see Ryan live out his faith every day, and seeing his personal relationship with the Lord has made my own personal relationship with the Lord grow.

What are valid reasons for a breakup?

Robin: I think valid reasons for a breakup can look a little different for every relationship. I think being unfaithful can be a valid break up for anyone. Lying can also cause a lot of damage in a relationship, and can lead to a break up.

Has social media ruined communication or helped in a dating relationship?

Robin: I truly believe social media has ruined communication more than it has helped. When Ryan and I first started dating, I would find myself constantly on my phone rather than talking to him. Those moments when we were together and I was on my phone, I lost out on the conversations that we could have had. It’s still something I try to be conscience of now, and it’s something I will always be conscience of during our entire relationship.

What’s your favorite thing about Ryan and why?

Robin: I have so many different things about Ryan that are my favorite the longer I think about it, the harder it is for me to narrow it down. There is one thing that does seem to stand out more than anything else right now, and that is Ryan’s selflessness. He is constantly putting others and myself before him and his own needs. It’s something that I will always admire about him. It’s something that shows his love for people and for God.


How do you keep God at the center of your relationship?

Ryan: Keeping God at the center of our relationship is something that we need to work on daily. When we don’t, it is very easy to find ourselves losing focus on Him. A few different things that have really helped us are praying together, going through a structured bible study, and surrounding ourselves with friends who encourage us to grow closer to God.

When did you realize that you wanted to be with Robin?

Ryan: So, this is a funny story. I first saw Robin in the courtyard of our church when we were both in Jr. High. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen (and still do to this very day). Anyways, I somehow managed to get her phone number and we started to talk. We talked all throughout Jr. High and into the first couple of years in High School. Life threw us some different things, and we ended up breaking our relationship off. A year and a half ago, out of the blue I sent her a text. We’ve been together since then.

Share one thing you would like to share as relationship advice.

Ryan: Love your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancé/wife/husband will all your heart. You wouldn’t be with them if you didn’t, right?

What’s your favorite thing about Robin and why?

Ryan: There are many different things about Robin that are extremely attractive to me. One of the many things I like about Robin, is that she is always there for me when I need her or ask anything of her. During the first five years that we didn’t talk, there were many times that I wanted to call her for my own selfish reasons, just so I could be comforted by her voice. I know she would have done just that.

As a couple, what are your personal devotional practices and why are they important?

Ryan: Robin and I love to work on bible studies together when we have time. Going through a structured bible study, and sharing our answers with each other has proven to be a way for us to draw closer together as a couple with every lesson.