New Artist Spotlight: Generation Recovery

(Photo courtesy of Generation Recovery)

New Artist Spotlight: Generation Recovery

By Kendall Fee and Ashley Scriven

Generation Recovery, a rap/dance duo, has been doing amazing things for the Kingdom with their new music career taking off. Marked Ministry had the opportunity to ask Generation Recovery some questions and learn more about their heart for the Lord. Their answers were honest and inspiring, safe to say the Lord has big plans for this up and coming band.

The two members of the group are Prophet KiD, the founder, and Neo Cool, his close friend, who both come from the inner cities of Los Angeles, California. They have many talents they use to glorify the Lord including: songwriting, rapping, choreographing, and street performing. Before starting their band, they both ran a dance crew together. Here they realized what God can do through dance and rap. Prophet KiD and Neo Cool knew God wanted to use their talents for his glory and responded to the call of God.

“(We) saw the power of God through dance and realized how powerful rap music is in our generation and God placed it on both of our hearts to start up a rap duo that combines music, dancing, preaching, and a little bit of comedy,” said Prophet KiD.

They decided to take their God given passions for rap and dance, to another level. With the verse Psalms 102:18 on their hearts, they chose to let their newfound ministry focus on supernatural healing and moving in prophetic ways. With the name Generation Recovery, this band looks to reach all generations. Both performers are in their 20’s, so naturally their main audience falls in this age group, however they don’t limit themselves to one generation.

Generation Recovery hopes their ministry can reach out to many through their new, exciting projects.“We’re prepping to release a new single that we believe God is going to use mightily and we have more shows on the way,” stated Prophet KiD. The excitement for the new things in store make both men hopeful for Generation Recovery and its future.

Already the band has seen God moving through the release of their mixtape. They have heard from people who came back to the Lord or pulled through a difficult trial because they were inspired by the band’s music. They have seen God actually answering prayers and cannot wait to see what else God accomplishes.

Their prayer is that they would remain focused on the will of God and that people would hold them accountable to that goal. They are walking in faith to see the healing power of Jesus be revealed as it is written “Heal the sick, raise the dead!”

“Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet created may praise the Lord (Psalms 102:18).”