What Goes In

(Photo by Isabela DeLeon)

What Goes In

By Kendall Fee

What is your favorite movie genre? What social media platform are you constantly on? What’s your favorite kind of music? Personally, I love chick flicks and romantic comedies, I could sit at home with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and watch those all-day long. I use Instagram and Snapchat way too much, there’s always something happening that I have to post or be caught up on. And, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. We all have our favorites, but do our favorites ever become consuming and unhealthy?

In our world today there’s a lot of yuck. That’s the simple way of putting it. We live in a world full of sin and the enemy uses all sorts of things to subtly push us away from the Lord. Even things that seem the farthest from being harmful, Satan can begin to manipulate and use to distance you from your one true love, Jesus.

Chick flicks are fun and girly and, just like me, lots of girls love them, but they’re sort of like the fairytale movies we watched as kids. They aren’t real. The happily ever after and prince charming is always enjoyable to watch, but too much can start to make you want a kind of love that doesn’t exist. Satan uses these movies to place seeds of lies deep in our hearts. We begin to have false views on what relationships are like and start having extremely high expectations for our future significant others. Not only does Satan use movies to plant seeds of lies in our hearts, but he also uses the pleasures of Social Media.

As you scroll through celebrity’s posts and swipe past photos of friends who are out doing all sorts of things, you can start to covet or become jealous. We’re all guilty of it. I follow all sorts of celebrities on Instagram and Snapchat, and there are times where I begin to become envious of the easy and luxurious lifestyle they get to live. It’s also easy to get jealous when you see a bunch of your friends hanging out, while you’re home, uninvited and lonely. Satan loves using social media to plant these seeds of jealousy and envy in the depths of our hearts. Just as he sneakily plants these seeds through social media, he plants them through the music we listen too as well.

Like I said earlier, I love Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, don’t we all?  The real question is, do we really sit and listen go every word? Sometimes we miss bits and pieces of secular music. Songs that we sing over and over start to become embedded in who we are. Secular music is fun and yes, we can jam out with our friends to Selena Gomez, but Satan can use this kind of music to creep into our minds too. Seeds of false expectations and seeds of lust are planted subtly by Satan, even when we don’t notice it he’s using that music to get us thinking of things that don’t align with Jesus.

So what do we do? I for one don’t want these seeds to grow into trees that pollute the pureness of a heart Jesus wants to cultivate. There are lots of good movies to watch, people post great stuff on social media, and there’s ton of amazing music to be heard. I’m not saying cut everything secular out of your life. I’m just saying, where’s the Jesus that’s going in? Where’s the Jesus that squashes those seeds and replaces them with truth and goodness?

Take a few minutes to open your bible and a journal. The words in that wonderful book come to life like a movie if you take the time to let it. Spend time allowing Jesus to fill you with stories and encouragement. Watch a chick flick, but make sure you’re spending time in the word too.

Look into who you follow on social media. Try following some inspiration pastors, or accounts that post uplifting verses. That adds some Jesus to your daily scroll. Another idea is a social media prayer scroll. Sometimes, I’ll stop on a picture and pray for whoever posted it. Bring Jesus into your everyday social media routine. Last thing to try is a social media fast. Take a day, or even a week and delete those apps that you spend way too much time on. Spend that extra time in prayer, or even silence with the Lord. You’ll find it rewarding and want more of Jesus instead of all that social media.

Lastly, play some worship music for a change. I have a rule with myself; whenever I’m alone driving in my car I play worship music. Make a playlist, or even just follow a good worship music playlist. Give Jesus time to fill you up when it comes to music.

Once you begin giving Jesus time to fill you, you’ll find it so satisfying. Think of how often you’re watching movies, are you spending more time with Jesus than those movies? Think of how often you pull up Instagram, or Snapchat, are you spending more time with Jesus than those followers? Think of the music you listen to constantly, are you spending time listening to worship music more than those secular songs?

Just remember what goes in is going to come out and try putting more Jesus in so that we, as Christians, can resemble Jesus more and more.