Nick Vujicic – Unstoppable Faith Tour

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Nick Vujicic – Unstoppable Faith Tour

By Selma Komisky

As I entered into a standing room only sanctuary filled with men, women and children excited to hear this dynamic Aussie evangelist, author, speaker, founder and president of Life without Limbs (a non-profit ministry), Nick Vujicic (pronounced VOO-yi-chich).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vujicic, he was born with no arms or legs and is passionate for Jesus Christ and sharing the Gospel. I think what attracts people to Vujicic is his humor and the fact that he doesn’t let any obstacles hold him back. Despite his physical condition, he refuses to allow it to limit his lifestyle. Vujicic always speaks from his big heart and engages with everyone. You feel like he’s a good friend sharing with you. Vujicic is vulnerable and not afraid to share his struggles as well as his victories through Christ.

“The Power of Unstoppable Faith: Your Keys to a Fulfilled Life,” is the latest book he wrote and is the catalyst for his tour this year (that he will be touring all over the world).

Vujicic states, “Unstoppable faith is all about both believing and achieving. It’s about having faith in yourself, your talents, your purpose, and, most of all, in God’s love and His divine plan for your life.”

Guest speaker Vujicic did a six night conference (Unstoppable Faith Tour) from March 14th-19th at The Rock Church in Anaheim, California. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as all the people were arriving filling up all the seats. The worship team led everyone in worship to Hillsong’s “What a Beautiful Name,” and all I could see was a sea of hands extended out worshipping. Next, they played a short film on the screen showing a montage of Vujicic in action doing ministry and traveling. Meanwhile lights out, he quietly enters the stage rolling out in his motorized wheelchair and props himself on top a sturdy table set in place in front of the sanctuary during the film. Lights go back on and Vujicic is announced and receives a warm standing ovation from the large crowd.

There stood this confident, handsome, young 33-year-old man in his tailored fitted blue shirt and dress pants in his bare foot. Smiling, he proceeds to wiggle his way walking back and forth on the table talking to all of us. He starts off by saying, “I knew from an early age that I was different. I didn’t think God was so loving. How could God create so much suffering with no arms and legs?  How could God who loves all of his children be so cruel?” He makes a joke, “Lady Gaga doesn’t know why I was born this way!” (audience laughs).

He went on to say, throughout his childhood, he dealt with challenges of school, adolescence, loneliness and depression but it wasn’t until he found his hope and strength in Jesus Christ that he overcame his adversities.

Switching gears he shared, “When kid’s see me for the first time, kid’s freak out and say “What happened?!” and I go up to them and say cigarettes.” (audience laughed).

He stated that he never dreamed he would have ever gotten married or for that matter had children. Vuijicic graciously gave God thanks for his wife Kanae. He lovingly shared, “I can never hold my wife’s hand but I can hold her heart and I can’t pick up my children but they hold me!” His two sons are 3 -1/2 (who he notes is already taller than him) and the other son is 14 months. “We’re 4 plus Jesus; we wouldn’t be who we are today without Jesus!”

Vuijicic humbly shared how God has given him opportunities to speak to the Ukrainian government and pray with them and will get to preach the gospel on Ukranian national television and to travel all around the world to speak and share his story with millions of people. He notes, “I just want you to know that. What you see is what you get with me and the numbers and  the ministry and stats. I just want you to know, I’ll I’m doing is based on knowing two truths. The first truth is to know your value, who you are in Jesus Christ, and when know who you are in Jesus Christ, then you also know who Jesus Christ is. And when you know who Jesus Christ, automatically your soul, your spirit, your mind, your heart start living to fulfill the greatest two commandments of all – loving God, getting to know Him and loving your neighbor as yourself.

Vuijicic said to realize the power of God’s word and to not listen to the lies of the enemy (the devil). When we start to hear whispers that we are ugly or not good enough, he said with humor, “Talk to the foot!” (holding up his little foot). “Know you are wonderfully and fearfully made!,” said Vuijicic. “That doesn’t mean were perfect but we can love others. Our circumstances don’t have to limit who we are.”

Vujicic ended the evening with prayer and an invitation to anyone who wanted to receive Christ in their lives and hundreds began to get up to gather in the front.

You walk away so inspired by his testimony with no room to pity yourself. Totally uplifted by his thought provoking message! Vujicic always points you to Jesus, who is able, who gives us hope, a purpose and strength in our lives no matter what.

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