Decades of Vintage Beauty: Late 60s

(Photos by Selma Komisky)

Decades of Vintage Beauty: Late 60s

By Selma Komisky

The Late Sixties was a era of turbulent times and world change. There was riots, protests, the Vietnam War, political trends, Woodstock, hippies and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The first man walked on the moon and fashion evolved into more casual, experimental and bohemian trends. Women had long hair, wore fringe vests, beads, floppy hats, head wear, tie dye, maxi dresses, moccasins and bell bottoms.

Marked Ministry Decades of Vintage Beauty Photo Shoot: Late 60s
Creative Design/Music/Styling: Sarah Komisky
Creative Design/Hair/Music/Photography/Styling: Selma Komisky
Editing: Samantha De La O, Hannah Jacob and Lindsay O’Neil
Graphic Design: Hannah Jacob
Makeup/ Modeling: Kendall Fee, Savannah Lawrence, Sarah Komisky and Ashley Scriven
Videography: Gabby Mehler
Special thanks to: Victory Outreach Church in Whittier for letting us use your facilities to photograph and stay true to the vintage feel we were aiming for.