Promposal Problems

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

Promposal Problems

By Kendall Fee

The time is coming. Anxiety is at its peak and everyone’s on edge, waiting for that night that will change it all—prom. The pressure, the expectations, the hopes, they all have this hype that either make or break your prom experience. My advice, don’t get sucked into the expectations for prom.

One of the biggest things that we girls look forward to during the craziness of prom, is the big promposal! Instagram and Twitter are filled with these extravagant ways to just ask someone to a dance. Bright colors and witty sayings swirl across the paper and there are always balloons, flowers, and sometimes even gifts. As you scroll, your mind is filled with one expectation after the other. We fill our thoughts with these outlandish hopes and dreams, and project them on the eligible boys who could be our prom dates.

With all these images we begin putting an insane amount of pressure on the guys who are just trying to make prom the best they can. An important thing to remember is that every guy in high school is far from perfect. Every guy that walks the halls of your high school is human and they’re going to miss the mark. We all miss the mark in some way and that’s not going to change with the week before prom and especially the night of prom.

Think of all the stress we put on boys when it comes to prom. We want a massive jaw dropping promposal, a date who will buy our ticket, one who will match our dress color with their bow tie, and maybe even hold our hand at the dance. With all these expectations, our dates are sure to fall short in some way. From movies and social media, we think our prom dates are supposed to be perfect, and that they’ll make the night completely perfect as well; but I’m telling you now, you can’t expect that.

The only man that’s perfect and that can meet every last one of your expectations is Jesus. He’s the perfect man. Take all your hopes and expectations to Him. Spend quiet time with the Lord where you lay each and every one of those dreams at His feet. Lay them at the cross and have an open mind about what prom can be. Dancing with a group of good friends can sometimes be more fun that having that handsome date, no matter how against the norm that can be. Be open to your prom experience and remember it’s just a night that should be fun and memorable, not ruined by impractical expectations.