Jehn Kubiak: Writer/Copy Editor

(Photo courtesy of Jehn Kubiak)

My name is Jehn Kubiak and I am a senior journalism major at Biola University with an emphasis in visual media. I love photographing landscapes, people, and animals, but I especially love capturing detail shots. I am also passionate about graphic design, especially typography, and often create designs with Bible verses for Instagram. I grew up in San Diego, California and enjoy spending time in the water, whether that’s in a pool or at the beach. My favorite writing topics include: people, places, food, the arts, sports and religion. During my spare time, I enjoy painting, playing music and leading worship, reading, swimming and checking out various coffee shops. A couple fun facts about me — I have a naturally gray streak in my hair and have earned the nicknames Rogue (from “X-Men”) and Anna (from “Frozen”). I also have five brothers and was born in Canada.